Living hip hop in T Town

By Josh Rizeberg on October 5, 2012

What else is there to do besides going to shows, downloading albums, and watching videos that one can do to support their local Hip-Hop music-scene? It takes a lot to get-out of yo comfy, cozy house at night and venture off into a club to see a show. Is there anything else one can do to build-up their local Hip-Hop community -YES! Why not participate in one of the many awesome Hip-Hop classes and/or programs that various cool organizations offer in Tacoma. Even if it is for youth - send yo kids. Maybe you want to even volunteer or try teaching a Hip-Hop related class at one of these organizations. Well that would be dope. Here are three places to begin.

                  Fabitat, located on 1316 South Martin Luther King Jr. Way offers B-Boy/B-Girl Dance, Graffiti-Art, and D.J. classes, drop-in Tues-Fri from 4-10pm to check-it-out. Fabitat is run by the Fab-5 Organization.

                  The StoryLab is a program at the downtown Tacoma Public Library. Here, the library has anything and everything a young teenage Hip-Hop artist would need to make and record a full Hip-Hop album. There are also unique workshops, taught by local Hip-Hop artists, on a number of critical aspects of the Culture - From independent-artist workshops to sampling classes.

                  Finally, there is the D.A.S.H. Center for the Performing Arts. This is a non-profit art-center also located on Martin Luther King Jr. Way. This program has an all-encompassing Hip-Hop program called the Art of Hip-Hop. This is a 4 month class that involves Hip-Hop Culture, writing seminars, recording experience, and performance opportunities. Students will also have an opportunity to have the Center fund a full-length album and marketing/promotional campaign for young artists.

                  Contact any one of these organizations to get involved and/or take classes.