Great hip hop tonight

By Josh Rizeberg on September 14, 2012

Friday at Jazz Bones, Tone Loc is coming back to Tacoma. This is at least the 2nd time in two years the M.C. responsible for "Wild Thing" and "Funky Cold Medina" has come to our city. The show starts at 9pm and it looks like it will be a full 80's revival, as there is a $250 80's costume-challenge. I don't want to knock BZ Productions or anything, as I'm sure this night will be fun and end-up making BZ lots of money, but can we get some real current relevant artists down here? It's a promoter's job to make a fresh-night and bring our city talented creative music. How many times are we going to see Tone Loc, Coolio, Warren G, Skee Lo, and Rappin 4-Tay come through our neck of the woods. Can I see some nonantique Hip-Hop in my town please? Anyway, enough for my rant. If you really are nerdy enough to go see Tone Loc perform "Wild Thing", it'll cost ya $13 at the door, $10 presale.

                  If you're feeling a little adventurous and you'd like to check-out some 253 talent in surrounding area-codes, take a little road-trip Saturday night and see Sky Pilot perform an unplugged-set at The Scarlet Tree in Seattle. Show starts at 9pm and is only $5 to get in. Expect more instrumentation than their usual set at this Sky Pilot show.

                  Also, head-down South to Lacey, hit the Play Pen for Sucka Free Sundays and catch Tacoma's own $krilla. I believe this show is only $3 to get in. I hit Sucka Free Sunday last week and it was incredibly crowded and cool for a Sunday night. It's definitely the other-side of Olympia; no Greeners, just a lot of green and Hip-Hop.