2-Hour Rock Show this Saturday

By Nikki Talotta on September 11, 2012

This show is for those of you who want to get to the point, or get to bed at a reasonable hour, either one.

It is also for those of you who want to seriously rock. Mos Generator and Cody Foster Army (CFA) will jam out hard and heavy at the ACME Grub Cage in Tacoma. (Interesting fact: ACME has been in the same location for 82 years.)

Back to the rock. These two bands have been working together a lot lately; both have been recording with Mos’s Tony Reed and working on new releases with Ripple Records. At this show, both bands will be presenting their new full length albums months before they are released. (Which, by the way, have gotten killer reviews in the U.K.)

“It’s a really cool independent bill,” says Cody Foster of CFA, “With two hours and two bands, it’s pretty significant to rock ‘n’ roll.”

With most shows running three to five bands, this show is outside the box.

“It’s stripped down and bare bones, there is no stage and we will be running sound for each other – just trying to take the power back a little bit,” says Foster.

Don’t miss these two bands (Mos Generator is about to embark on a west coast tour.)

Saturday, September 15. Doors open 7:30 p.m., show start at 9 p.m., $5, ACME Grub Cage, 1310 Tacoma Ave S., 253.272.1892.