Councilmembers endorse Rep. Jeannie Darneille

By Volcano Staff on March 29, 2012


If a press release could smile, the release Weekly Volcano World Headquarters just received would be smiling corner to corner. The campaign for Rep. Jeannie Darneille (D) from the 27th Legislative District announced a good chunk of the Tacoma City Council is in her camp for her State Senate run.

Here's the release:

Rep. Jeannie Darneille's campaign for State Senate (27th LD) received a number of key local endorsements this week including Tacoma City Councilmembers David Boe, Victoria Woodards, and Anders Ibsen. The three join Councilmembers Ryan Mello and Lauren Walker as well as Mayor Marilyn Strickland in endorsing Darneille, earning her the support of the majority of the City Council.

"Jeannie has been an outstanding advocate for the City of Tacoma in the Legislature," said Woodards. "She is widely respected by leaders both here (in Tacoma) and in Olympia, and is the perfect candidate to fill the seat Senator Regala is vacating."

Darneille has also been endorsed by Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy, Pierce County Councilmembers Tim Farrell and Rick Talbert, former Tacoma Mayors Bill Baarsma and Brian Ebersole, former Pierce County Executive Joe Stortini, and a number of other former local elected officials.

While campaign season is quickly approaching, as Vice-Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee Darneille remains largely focused on her current leadership position and her role in balancing the state budget.

"I am extremely thankful that so many of my friends and colleagues in Tacoma have come out so early to support me," says Darneille. "While balancing the state budget and sending the Legislature home is my main priority this spring, I am excited to engage the citizens of the 27th District on the campaign trail."

"It's been an honor to represent Tacoma for the past 12 years in the House and I am very hopeful that I will earn the voters support and be able to continue to advocate for them in the State Senate," says Darneille.