Valentine's Day in Tacoma

By Maddie Scheutzow on January 13, 2012

In 2011 Tacoma was rated the "Most Romantic City" in the country, over places like Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, Calif., New Haven, Conn., and El Paso, Texas. Let's just let that sink in for a moment. Tacoma, the most romantic city in America... Seriously?

According to an equation based off of the number of Internet searches on all things "romantic" divided by number of searchers, Tacoma is Number One. While most of us have a hard time believing that, you can find some delightful Valentine's Day gifts and date ideas while roaming about the dreamy city of Tacoma.

If you're looking for something fun to do, London Couture is sponsoring an event called Sweet & Spicy: A Valentine's Day Burlesque at Theatre on the Square and Studio II. The event includes a dessert buffet, wine, shopping and performances by Kim Archer, as well as two of the greatest burlesque troupes you'll see in the Northwest, Gritty City Sirens and Tush! Burlesque. Sweet & Spicy will benefit two causes, the YWCA of Pierce County and the Broadway Center. Tickets are $40 and it's ages 21+. Find more info at

Speaking of London Couture, if you want to find something classy yet sassy for your Valentine, definitely take a step inside this boutique on Broadway. I could spend hours in there trying everything on; it's all so unique! Plus, London Couture carries Tokyomilk, a line of lovely smelling soaps, lotions, candles, bubble baths and perfumes. London Couture is on 746 Broadway in downtown Tacoma.

Want to be a little more traditional? Farley's Flowers to Go on Sixth Avenue does a rose bouquet, teddy bear and chocolate bundle all for $100. Or, if you'd rather go for just the roses, it'll cost you $75. Farley's has been around for over 70 years. It's classic Tacoma romance.

Willow Spa on 21st Avenue has a few specials going, including an hour-long facial and a brow wax for $60 or a foot and hand massage with a brow wax for $30. Nothing says romance like the gift of an eyebrow wax.

In years past, Dwell Home Decor (also on 21st Avenue) has done a special Valentine's Day shopping event. And while Dwell isn't holding one this year, there are still lots of cute gifts inside. Some Valentiney, some not; it doesn't matter, it's all great. There is not one thing in there that wouldn't make a fabulous gift.

To keep with our Tacoma-love theme, stop by Brown & Haley on 26th and Pacific for some almond, cashew, mocha or macadamia Roca. Locally made, delicious and packaged in one of those adorable heart-shaped boxes - you can't go wrong!

Still no idea what to get for your dreamboat? Just walk into Sanford & Son at 743 Broadway and be prepared to explore - three floors, 20 shops and zillions of things. Seriously. It's impossible not to find something in there. Sanford and Son has everything from 1950s magazines and books, to antique furniture pieces, to vintage dresses and shoes. Unique, fun, and very Tacoma.

A classy place for dinner is Pacific Grill. The restaurant starts its love fest a day early with a Valentine's special on both February 13 and 14.

Whether you want to believe it or not, you're spending Valentine's Day in's "Most Romantic City" of 2011, Tacoma. Congratulations. Mazel tov. Snaps. Start planning and shopping. And spread the love around this "romantic" town.