MORNING SPEW: Pot at Walgreens?, Battle of the City Manager Stars, Grammy nominees list ...

By Volcano Staff on December 1, 2011


Gov. Chris Gregoire: She wants marijuana at Walgreens. (News Tribune)

Battle Of The City Manager Stars: Tacoma City Council will run them through a series of skill tests. No confirmation on the jousting test. (News Tribune)

Pres. Obama: Inside his re-election math. (CNN)

Burma: Not that bad after all. (BBC)

Game Of Thrones: It's awesome. (MTV)

Grammy Nominees List: C'mon Foo Fighters! (USA Today)

Today In WTF?: Hanson to launch "Mmmhop" beer brand. (NME)

Best Metal albums Of 2011: Surprisingly, no bands listed with "butterfly" in their name. (NPR)