True Tacoman: Score free food by knowing your Tolmie and Huggins history

By Volcano Staff on December 2, 2011


Foodcaching is a new smart phone app alerting customers of awesome food deals at 16 restaurants in the greater Tacoma area. You may download the app for free on your iPhone and Android here.

The Weekly Volcano has teamed up with Foodcaching for the True Tacoman game. Every Tuesday and Friday right here on Spew, we post a Tacoma history trivia provided by the Washington State History Museum. If you know the answer, run to one of the 16 participating restaurants, come clean with answer and you'll receive points on your Foodcaching app, which you downloaded free here. We'll be running the True Tacoman trivia game through the end of the year.

The person will the most points on Dec. 31 will be crowned the True Tacoman and be flooded with various food prizes.

Tuesday's True Tacoman trivia answer

Tuesday, we posted the question: John G. Proctor, the man for whom Proctor Street is named after was a banker, arhcitect or farmer? You spent the last three days telling the restaurants listed below that the answer was "arhcitect" and, thereby, scoring points on the Foodcaching app. It was an easy task – a lot easier than designing a freakin' house or something.

Today is Friday, which means we post another trivia question as part of the True Tacoman contest.

Today's True Tacoman trivia question

William F. Tolmie and Edward Huggins were Hudson's Bay Company officials during the early days of American settlement on Puget Sound. The two men:

Answer the question correctly at one of the 16 participating restaurants below and score points - besides scoring awesome food deals from the restaurants. The correct answer will be revealed Tuesday, Dec. 6 on Spew. Also keep an eye on this blog for bonus game points and a special invite to the True Tacoman Game Party in early 2012.

Oh, you can download the free app here.

Participating restaurants