Tacoma's TAGRO wins award

By Volcano Staff on November 1, 2011

In the spring of 2010, Weekly Volcano Editor Matt Driscoll explored the fascinating world of Tacoma's TAGRO, and then put his experience, and research, on record here.

In summary, Driscoll explained, "the idea of Tagro is to turn shit into something useable, which the City of Tacoma has been valiantly doing on the Tacoma Tideflats since 1991. Today, gardeners, landscapers and a whole swath of the general Tacoma population are proud and satisfied Tagro users, even if a minority still can't get over the product's origins. Tagro is completely safe and extremely effective, even having been awarded the EPA's highest rating for use in landscaping, vegetable gardens and indoor container gardens."

A few minutes ago, the City of Tacoma sent out a press release stating Tacoma's TAGRO biosolids program has been honored for its continued path of sustainability and innovation? with the 2011 Excellence in Biosolids award from the Northwest Biosolids Management Association.

"The City of Tacoma was forward-thinking with their decision to use dual digestion, produce Class A biosolids, and turn that product into a retail product that would ‘give back' to the City residents. They were a trendmaker in that respect," said Peggy Leonard of King County Wastewater in the release.

The release goes on to explain why the TAGRO is so awesome, which Driscoll fully explained last year.