MORNING SPEW: Snow, swamp thing, Muppet Password game ...

By Volcano Staff on November 18, 2011


Thar Be Snow In Dem Hills: Many ski resorts open this weekend. (News Tribune)

Swamp Thing: It's all good. The rain gardens on Pacific Avenue with have 6 inches of drain rock under them. (News Tribune)

Rolling Up Their Sleeves: Members of the congressional committee tasked with cutting $1.2 trillion from the nation's budget deficit before Thanksgiving. (CNN)

Terror Scare: Pilot accidentally locks himself in bathroom and all hell breaks loose. (New York Post)

Wood Eye: The investigation into the death of actress Natalie Wood, who drowned in 1981 while boating off the California coast, is being reopened. (CNN)

Bet Murray Is Pissed: Bret writes for The Muppets. (New York Times)

Indie Film: Raiding the Lost Ark, the documentary. (io9)

Could They Save A Bridge Jumper?: Victoria's Secret models go all superhero. (After Ellen)

Super Password: Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Martin Short and Michael Stipe play the game. (Late Night With Jimmy Fallon)

Fashion Victim: Marc Jacobs' spring collection stolen from a train. (Time)

Assemble And Move: Apartment furnished completely in cardboard. (Ignant)

Happy Friday!