Blog series: Something special going on

By Ron Swarner on September 2, 2011

10 YEARS. 10. YEARS. >>>

According to the Tacoma Arts Commission, 10 institutions, individuals and ideas born around a decade ago have made a clear impact on Tacoma - around the same time TAC launched its Arts at Work month program. In celebration, TAC initiated a "10 in 10" series on its Tacoma Arts blog focusing on 10 things created 10 years ago that helped make Tacoma the progressive urban center it is today.

A few of the 10 have been named and examined on said blog:

Tacoma Reads Together: "Tacoma Reads Together is T-town's version of a literary potluck."

Tacoma School of the Arts: "... five hundred 15 to 18 year olds ‘going to work' each day in downtown Tacoma [bring] creative energy, fresh perspective and a little lunch money" into town."

UW-Tacoma's Urban Studies Program: "It is the only such program in the state, offering Bachelor Degrees in both urban studies as well as the new Sustainable Urban Development Program."

Hmmm, I know an alt. weekly born 10 years ago in Grit City.

LINK: Tacoma Arts blog