PARK(ing) Day was groovy

By Volcano Staff on September 17, 2011


Park(ing) Day has come and gone and for at least another year, the urban jungle known as downtown Tacoma will be a little less green than it was for one glorious day yesterday. 

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tacoma Bike, BLRB Architects, Doyle's Public House, Cascade Land Conservatory, Tacoma School of the Arts, Transportation Choices Coalition, Boe Architects, Pierce Transit, Stadium Bike Club Citizens for a Healthy Bay, the Seabury School and your beloved Weekly Volcano transformed metered parking spaces into a pop-up park. Yesterday's national Park(ing) Day challenged the status quo with the goal of stirring conversation or dialogue on public space, green space, and to inspire a vision of a city where the streets are for people.

The Weekly Volcano took liberties – transforming our little space into a mini Woodstock festival, bringing love and music to the urban environment. The public hung with us, honked at us, hugged us and ate our free brownies. On a side note, Pierce Transit drivers gave the most thumbs up of all the public transportation drivers. Taxis came in second.

Big thanks to Downtown: On The Go and Transportation Choices Coalition for organizing the local effort. And thanks to Ben and Ted Fuller of the band China Davis for performing all day at our (PARK)stock.

Remember, Park(ing) Day isn't just about temporarily reclaiming some public land for public use, it's about raising awareness that whatever its benefits, there is a high cost we pay for the convenience of on-street parking.

Anyone have links to photos of the other park(ing) parks in downtown Tacoma?