No White-T Tuesdays at new Starbucks

By Volcano Staff on September 9, 2011


Usually, those entering the City of Lakewood via Custer Road grabbed their morning coffee from a shack in front of a carwash or from a young woman frothing skim milk in a bikini 20 yards down the road.

This morning, at the corner of Lakewood Drive and Custer Road, Starbucks Coffee finally moved in under the sign that's been hanging since March. The new fancy coffee joint with a drive-thru opened in a mini-strip mall anchored by Sound Glass across from H&L Produce. Cheery apron-clad barista Tajana handed out free pastry samples to motorists idling in front of the Chevron station.

No word yet if Starbucks will try to compete with neighboring Hot Chick-a-latte's "White-T Tuesdays." campaign.