Big Whisky Saloon to open in Olympia

By Volcano Staff on September 1, 2011


Spit-shine your cowboy boots and dig out your hats, y'all! In just two weeks, Big Whisky Saloon will put its shit-kickin' foot stomp on a 12,000-square-foot plot of land in downtown Olympia. OK, it's moving into the former Vault nightclub spot, but exciting nonetheless.

According to Roger Rahil, Big Whisky Saloon's operating partner, and former owner of the Vault, the mammoth bar and live music venue will take over the space Friday, Sept. 16. Rahil co-owns the Big Whisky Saloon with business partner Jon Tartaglia.

"One of the elements that excites us about this project is we are bringing something completely different to downtown Olympia," explains Rahil. "There are numerous venues that play the same style of music but we get an opportunity to set ourselves apart from the masses and cater to a completely different crowd."

A seven-week remodel has kicked up dust in the joint as the 1,500 square-foot-hardwood dance floor and 72-foot prize wheel are hauled in. The audio and video system will be updated, which will be important since the club will play country and rock videos similar to the downtown Tacoma Big Whisky.

"The renovations are absolutely amazing," says Rahil. "I believe people will see a lot of similar aspects between the Tacoma location and here. The only major difference between the properties will be that we can present some large name national touring acts."


LINK: We hung out at the Big Whisky in Tacoma