MORNING SPEW: Go time for Tacoma School District, ban on big box stores, Charlie Sheen roast video and more ...

By Volcano Staff on August 31, 2011


It's Go Time: The three-years contact between the Tacoma School District and its more than 2,000 teachers expires today. (News Tribune)

Buying Some Time: Tacoma City Council throws down a temporary ban on big-box stores based on public fear that the Tacoma Elks Club property could fill with shopping carts. (News Tribune)

That Takes Some Choot-spa: Rick Perry says he's thumbing through Charles Stanley's Turning the Tide. (Mother Jones)

No Floats For You!: GOP politicians banned from Wisconsin Labor Day parade. (Chicago Tribune)

We're Doomed: Climate change makes people batshit crazy. (Sidney Morning Herald)

Charlie Sheen: Comedy Central has released promo videos for his roast. (Comedy Central)

Happy Birthday: Goose and Maverick turn 25. (New York Post)

Dream Big: Like, boobies the size of basketballs big. (Dumb As A Blog)