Lunching at South Sound farmers markets

By Volcano Staff on August 14, 2011

YOU GOTTA EAT >>>           

Forget all the pious exhortations to eat local, organic and seasonal. Forget the wonderment of watching the offerings change from tender lettuce and spinach to the corn, eggplants and tomatoes of full summer, and then the September apples, pears and hard-shelled squashes that push us into an orgy of freezing, canning and storage. Forget the coming together of the community, where farmers offer growing tips and exchange recipes. Nope, the main reason why we visit the South Sound farmers markets:


Weekly Volcano food critic Jennifer Johnson wrote about her lunch experiences at the following farmers markets:

Sundays: South Tacoma Farmers Market

Tuesdays: Sixth Avenue Farmers Market

Thursdays: Downtown Tacoma Farmers Market

Saturdays: Federal Way Farmers Market

Saturdays: Gig Harbor Farmers Market

LINK: South Sound Restaurant Guide