BEERVANA: Red Hook Dunkelweizen

By Steve Dunkelberger on July 16, 2011


The name says it all. "Dunkel Weizen: Tall Dunkel and Handsome." Just like this reviewer. The label didn't mention that it is also single, but that is a story for another time.

A 22-ounce bottle of this dark gold of deliciousness from Red Hook landed on my desk and I drank it warm, because that is how I roll.

The brew solves the issue of lightweights complaining about the "heavy" taste of porters and their drive to have a lighter beer for the summer regardless of their next-to-water taste. Dunkelweizen fills the gap. It's bold but not over powering with a Missouri River-brown color and wheat aroma. Imagine a malt-punch porter with the smell of a full Hef. I battled the urge to jump for a lemon wedge with this bad dog.

It had full flavor with no malt-blast after taste. What was surprising is that it only comes in at 6 percent alcohol. That is about the punch of a Miller Lite, making it a great drink to down all night long without a hangover.

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