LAST NIGHT: Super Best of Tacoma Party in pictures & words

By Brett Cihon, J.M. Simpson on July 29, 2011


For those of you who have been living under a damp rock, the Weekly Volcano's Super Best of Tacoma issue was released yesterday. Ipso facto, last night was the Weekly Volcano's Super Best of Tacoma Party.

Half issue release party, half general celebration and fun dress up time, the Super Best of Tacoma Party went down at the Varsity Grill without a hitch. Costumes of all kinds crowded the Varsity Grill, from the not-so-surprisingly frightening Sarah Palin to the always-cute Batgirl. Dartboard Man mingled with Tricycle Man.  Kris ‘Save Our Sonics' Brannon (more of a lifestyle than costume) hit it off with the Magical Genie.   Emcee John Munn kept the crowd entertained with comic book trivia questions. DJ dAb spun vicious ‘80s tracks that had the Gritty City Sirens burlesque troupe dancing the night away. Drinks were flowing and the food was D-lish. Sometime during the night, we even managed to give away some awards for Best of Tacoma.

(Melanie Rushforth and Damon DeRosa enjoy the paper)

(As does Doug Mackey)

(John Munn emcee)

(NWCZ Radio's Darrell Fortune)

(Sarah Palin was in attendance. She can see Tacoma from her house.)

(Batgirl or Volcano food and lifestyles scribe Jennifer Johnson?)

And before we were all stuck to the bar like flies around Sarah Palin (the real Sarah Palin, not the pretty costumed one) we chatted with a few party goers and got their take on the night's festivities. 

Un-costumed blonde girl couple Harli and Louise said they, "left their costumes at home, but were wearing them in spirit." Spirit, appropriately, because the say their favorite costume of the night had to be the Magical Genie guy.

"I can't give you a reason why other than he's real tall," said Harli. "I guess I like the burlesque girls, too."

(Magical Genie Guy)

Burlesque girls in costume? Isn't that just their work wear?

(Gritty City Sirens give some face time to the crowd)

Tricycle Man said he came to the Costume Party for one reason and one reason only: to sue the Swarner Brothers.

"You know why I'm dressed as Tricycle Man?" asked Tricycle Man. "Because I have a thick scar on my leg because of Ron Swarner."

(Alan Gorsuch as Tricycle Man)

Apparently, Ron Swarner convinced Tricycle Man to ride in a downhill tricycle race. A couple of beers were downed before said race. Beers, that may or may not have contributed to Tricycle Man's disfiguring, 30-MPH fall taken during the race.

Like any good super villain, Tricycle Man emerged from the wreckage horribly disfigured and with a vengeance for blood. Swarner litigation blood.

Lawsuit or not, a great night was had by all. Sarah Palin, Captain Planet and Construction Girl came away with best costume awards. Editor Matt Driscoll came away with biggest hangover.

See you next year, Tacoma! Just kidding. We see you every day. 

(Old Milwaukee Cafe owners Patricia "Pat" and Chad Kerth)

(Jaime Kay Jones)

(CJ Johnson Bail Bonds won Best Bail Bonds)