Riot To Follow opens “Honk: The Ugly Duckling Musical” Friday

By Molly Gilmore on June 1, 2011



Dare I call it egg-citing news that Riot To Follow Productions, a student theater group at The Evergreen State College, is opening a production of Honk: The Ugly Duckling Musical?

If they don't quack up, readers will cluck at me for making such a fowl pun, and I'll end up with egg on my face.

And yet the 1993 British musical update of the Hans Christian Andersen classic is itself undeniably punny, and what writer can resist the chance to take off from there? A critic for the London Evening Standard described the show as "cheery, chirpy and chock full of fowl yolks - sorry, I mean foul jokes." (See? It's not just me.)

The Olivier-winning musical is often produced by children's theater companies, and although a Riot To Follow trailer stars actual ducks, chickens and a cat, the show itself will feature the kind of singing, dancing personified animals that populate plays for kids, Disney films and cartoons of all sorts.

[Black Box at The Washington Center, Honk: The Ugly Duckling Musical, through June 12, Thursday-Friday 7 p.m., Saturday-Sunday 2 p.m., $12.50, $6.50 kids, 512 Washington St. SE, Olympia,]