Clowning around with Olympia's Jusby the Clown

By Molly Gilmore on June 22, 2011



Kids who want to run away and join the circus can get a head start at Clown Camp offered by Olympia's Jusby the Clown (aka Justin Wright).

The camp, for class clown types ages 7 to 14, will be held from Saturday, June 25, to Wednesday, June 29. Details can be found here. Among the offerings are laughter yoga, clown costuming and makeup, juggling, joking, balloon twisting, puppetry and dance.

But, parents, beware: Kids will also be learning Jusby's specialty: pie-in-the-face delivery.

If that doesn't dissuade you, Jusby's website ( includes a description of what happens when you get a pie in the face: "I strive to plant my pies squarely on the intended face with no spillage on clothing. Nevertheless, faces come in all shapes and sizes, and the pie is filled with a viscous fluid (whipped topping) that will slide down and may reach your garments. You can plan to dress appropriately (machine washable in hot water). You can ask for a smock, bib or apron. You can have a towel handy. You can tell me no!"

Think about it. Does your child listen when you say no?

The camp ends with a circus performance. (No word on whether the campers' families will end up with pie on their faces.)

The cost is $250 for the whole camp or $50 per day. Go to or call 360.888.2729.

Oh, and if you need to get back at the kids, Jusby offers a clown camp for adults on evenings and weekends. It's by invitation.