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May 9, 2011 at 10:11am

5 Things to Do Today: Graphic Novel Club, DJ Jason Diamond at Stonegate, Thao and Mirah, bowling with bartenders and more ...

DJ Jason Diamond

MONDAY, MAY 9, 2011 >>>

1. Join Tacoma's infamous Graphic Novel Club tonight at 1022 South. This evening's topic of discussion will be "Tricksters," billed as a "graphic collection of First Nation tales."

2. DJ Jason Diamond spins reggae every Monday at Stonegate Pizza in Tacoma. Or, if that doesn't tickle your musical fancy, browse the Volcano's extensive live local music listings here.

3. Thao and Mirah will be at Northern in Olympia tonight ... quite possibly the week's best show (on a Monday of all days!).

4. Chalet Bowl in Tacoma's Proctor District hosts HIP Night for Hospitality Professionals on Mondays, offering all the servers, waitresses and bartenders out there a shot at cheap bowling under the "Glow Lights." Or, if bowling's not your bag, peruse the Volcano's South Sound arts and events calendar here.

5. You only have until this Thursday to vote for the sexiest folks in the South Sound, an effort that will help create the Volcano's 2011 Sexy Issue - scheduled to hit streets June 2.

May 9, 2011 at 10:21am

VISUAL EDGE: Angela Wales Rocket at Amocat Cafe

"Dazed Spring" by Angela Wales Rockett


Drink in a little art with your coffee at Amocat Cafe, where throughout the month of May you can view paintings by Angela Wales Rockett.

Rockett's paintings are richly colored and expressively textured but very subdued abstractions inspired by landscape minus any overt references to land or water - with the one exception of a painting of the Tacoma Dome.

To read Clayton's review, click here.

[Amocat Cafe, Angela Wales Rockett, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday 7 a.m. - 3 p.m., Tuesday-Friday 7 a.m. - 5 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m. - 2 p.m., through May, 625 St. Helens Ave., Tacoma, amocatcafe.com]

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May 9, 2011 at 1:06pm



When actors or crew members improvise a detour around line glitches, missing sound cues, and other onstage mayhem, we call that a "cover." All stage performers know the thrill and relief of clever covering; we've all had to do it, and we're all grateful to have been the beneficiary of inventive salvation in moments of crisis. I saw quite a bit of covering at Amy's View, and for the most part, it worked. I wasn't always sure which lines were dropped or how the actors nudged each other back on track. Would it have been better if they actually knew their lines? Sure, but such is life on the boards.

Then there are those covers every audience member sees--but sometimes, those are the most fun of all.

At Sunday's matinee of A Few Good Men, Tim Shute as the irascible Lt. Col. Jessup and Douglas Lukascik as beleaguered Cmdr. (and medical doctor) Stone were debating a Marine's cause of death. It's a point of high drama in the script, where the heroism or villainy of a character is decided...which made it all the more jarring and amusing when Lukaskic's scrubs began to slide down his hips. They descended as if pulled by hidden strings. Thankfully Thespis he was wearing uniform slacks underneath, but the lack of a breeze on his nether regions kept this development from Lukaskic himself. The audience saw it immediately, of course, and couldn't help giggling. Lukaskic heard the laughter but assumed he'd flubbed a line without hearing himself do it. Shute, on the other hand, saw the problem just as quickly as we did. Dr. Stone's scrubs fell down to his ankles, and now this moment of spine-tingling drama had become a shtick from Barnum & Bailey.

Without breaking character for a nanosecond, Shute bellowed, "Pull your pants up, man! Jesus!" Lukascik hastily redressed himself, stammering, "I apologize for my appearance, sir; it won't happen again." Shute commanded, "I know you're tired and overworked, but get it together!" The audience greeted this obvious but necessary rewrite with spontaneous applause. It was among the best moments of genuine acting in a very fine show, and it reminded me why, no matter how spectacular movies get, live performance will always be just as much fun.

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May 9, 2011 at 4:07pm

WHAT’S THE WORD with Josh Rizeberg: Jay Barz and “420 Experienced: The Highs and the Lows"

Jay Barz



He's back.

Only one MC from Tacoma has gotten big enough to where those two words mean anything. Not that he ever left us.

The MC I speak of has consistently been opening for the biggest national acts that hit Sea-Tac. He's one of the few Tacoma MCs who get good looks in Seattle. He does songs with big Seattle acts like Neema. He's brought up rappers like Motamouth Jones and Sawchosiz. He's been on most people's top five Tacoma MC list for years now.

He's Jay Barz, and he just blessed us with a new album, 420 Experienced: The Highs and the Lows.

To read Josh Rizeberg's full "What's the Word?" column click here.

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May 9, 2011 at 4:56pm



Today's comment comes from Harrison Fart in response to Rev. Adam McKinney's review of Thor. To be fair, Fart's comment was just one of many seething responses the review garnered. Rev. Adam, for the umpteenth time, has proven the fastest way to big Internet numbers is by insulting a mediocre superhero flick and/or the 3-D craze.

Harrison Fart writes,

Mr. McKinney,

The problem is that this review completely denies any worth that this film actually holds, colored by the fact that you betray your own bias with your comments on Captain America, Green Lantern and the Avengers--films which have yet to be released and, though existing in a larger cultural trend of comic book movies (some of which have been absolutely horrendous, to the sure), deserve fair treatments as films rather than simply fad.

The performances of Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston were, frankly, very well done. The characters--especially that of Loki--were not cardboard cut-outs, but in actuality quite complex.

Though I'm sure Kenneth Branagh made a s*** ton of money, that doesn't nullify the fact that he is a fantastically skilled director.

Finally, you might want to stray away from spending over a quarter of a film review not talking about the film, but instead going on a little tirade over the technology of modern film making. While I agree that 3D is an unnecessary and tasteless gimmick for the most part, your discussion of it here is not befitting the actual job you are supposed to fulfill.

Thor did not start 3D. You do not have to see Thor in 3D.
So why make such a point of talking about 3D here.

You obviously have an opinion on 3D. And on the super hero genre.
But have the journalistic integrity to review a film as just that: a film.

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May 10, 2011 at 10:17am

5 Things to Do Today: Booze and Tattoo Tuesday, Goldfish Racing, Joe Faker Band, Comedy at the Royal ...


TUESDAY, MAY 10, 2011 >>>

1. Check out "Booze and Tattoo Tuesdays" at Gruv Lounge, tonight with Blacktop Demon. My how things have changed.

2. You've heard the hype. You've heard about the backlash. Now see it all for yourself tonight at the Harmon Tap Room during the bar's infamous Tuesday  night Goldfish races.

3. Check out the Joe Faker Band, with Allen Alto, tonight at O'Callahan's Pub & Grill in Key Penninsula. Or, if that's not your musical cup of tea, check out the Volcano's extensive South Sound live local music listings here.

4. Hey! They totally do comedy at the Royal Lounge in Olympia on Tuesday. And today is Tuesday! Hot damn! Find details here. Or, if you're searching for something more, check out the Volcano's arts and entertainment calendar here.

5. There's trivia all over town tonight, from Paddy Coyne's to Farelli's, and from team to individual. Find all the bar trivia info here.

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May 10, 2011 at 11:36am

Stopping hunger regardless of the weather


Help feed the hungry. It may be warmer outside, but people are still starving right in our neighborhoods.

Saturday, May 14, the U.S Postal Service will be accepting food donations all day as part of the country's single largest annual food drive. Pierce County postal carriers will partner with the Emergency Food Network and area food banks to collect more that 300,000 pounds of food during the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive.

"Our goal this year is 400,000 pounds food, but we need everyone to help spread the word in order to meet that goal," states Emergency Food Network's Executive Director Helen McGovern via a press release. "This is the biggest food drive of the year and it is so successful because it is so easy. All you have to do is fill a bag with food and leave it by your mailbox on Saturday morning. Your postal carrier will pick up and deliver it to us, and we'll distribute it throughout the county."

The moste needed items are peanut butter, canned meats, fruits, vegetables and grains (in the form of cereals and pastas).

Project:U, a United Way support group from our area comprised of active 20- and 30-somethings, will host a food donations drop-off from 1-5 p.m. Saturday at the First Christian Church, 602 N. Orchard in Tacoma.

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May 10, 2011 at 12:11pm

PERSON, PLACE or THING with Steph DeRosa: The Hardware Store on Vashon Island

THE HARDWARE STORE: The Artistic Skillet, made with zucchini, squash, tofu, red pepper and eggs.


This week ...

Place: The Hardware Store Restaurant

Location: Vashon Island

Day: Sunday

Time: 13:20

Wait for table: 30 minutes

Wait for drinks: 25 minutes

Wait for food: 35 minutes

Sundays: Limited breakfast menu only

And maybe: A burger or two

Hardware available for sale: No

Hardware on display: No

Hardware rhymes with: Underwear!

Sad fact: I'm still immature

Click here to read this week's full Person, Place or Thing column by Steph DeRosa.

May 10, 2011 at 12:33pm

RAINIERS MINUTE: Simple keys to success, big cleats to fill, and missing Mark Harmon Celebrity Weekend

A long time ago, I had an avid baseball fan sum up the key to a successful baseball season.

"It's easy," he said. "You go .500 when you're on the road and win most of your games at home."

Now, I know this advice sits right alongside, "to win games you have to score runs," or "drink before you head to the game because stadium beer is overpriced," but sometimes the simplest keys to success are the best. 

The Rainiers (12-20), unfortunately, are not heeding the advice. The team lost its last two games against the Las Vegas 51s to finish the most recent home stand at 4-4. Had the Rainiers won the last two games the team would have finished 6-2, which definitely qualifies as winning ‘most' of the games at home (Ron Fairly would be proud of this explanation). We can only assume that the Rainiers got the advice backwards. Silly, Rainiers, it's the other way around. You've got to win most of your games, not just half of them, you goofs.

-As you may have already heard, outfielder Mike Wilson has been called up to the Mariners. Bummer. Not a bummer for him, of course -- it's a well-deserved achievement- but bummer for the Tacoma Rainiers. Wilson hit .381 and had an OPS of 1.111 so far this season, making him one of the strongest hitters on the team - definitely a guy who is nice to have in the lineup. Plus, Wilson is 6'2 and 245 pounds. His body screams power. Pitchers always seem to shake a little when he comes up to bat.  Recently, one pitcher from the Tucson Padres actually started to cry when Wilson walked to the plate. Well, not really. But he wanted to. You could tell.  

-The Mariners also called up outfielder Carlos Peguero. Peguero is another big hitter. With Peguero and Wilson gone, the Rainiers have some tough shoes to fill. Tough cleats to fill, really.

-Last Sunday's Pink at the Park day drew 4,761 fans to Cheney Stadium. Very, very cool. I do wish the jerseys were a little more liberal with the pink, though. I was hoping to see Mike Carp strut around in bright pink baseball pants.

The Rainiers now prepare for an eight game road trip, with four games against the Oklahoma City RedHawks and four against the New Orleans Zephyrs. To get to Oklahoma City, the Rainiers took a redeye to Chicago, had a layover, and then took another flight to Oklahoma City. I'm sure all of that travel time gave the players plenty of opportunities to ponder ways to get back on track.

Finally, in possibly the greatest scheduling guffaw of all-time, the Rainiers will miss the RedHawk's 11th annual Mark Harmon Celebrity Weekend by one day. Tacoma members of the Mark Harmon Addicts forum should raise hell with whoever does the scheduling for the Rainiers. I mean, come on! This is Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs of NCIS we're talking about here, people. Definitely not the Minor League. 

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May 10, 2011 at 2:06pm

MOVIE BIZZ BUZZ: “Dessert and Suicide”

DESSERT AND SUICIDE: Director Kasey Chakos and actress Ashley Cozine (Candace) have an exchange before shooting their next scene in the Farrelli's parking garage. PHOTO CREDIT: Jason Vo


Let's face it: suicide is a bit of a downer. It doesn't usually offer much in the way of entertainment. Making a movie centered on this depressing topic involves financial risk. But treating taboo with humor? That takes grit - and a good script.

At first, actor/producer/Tacoma resident Ashley Cozine couldn't imagine having her hand in a project as unconventional as Dessert and Suicide. In her view, "Filmmakers everywhere offend people all the time, but I'm not that kind of person."

Then a certain screenplay came Cozine's way, about an unlucky-in-love man who, disillusioned with the blind dating game, prepares to off himself. The story's delicate handling of its eponymous issue (not dessert, the other one) compelled Cozine to sign on as the film's producer.

Audiences may not always connect with D&S's darker aspects, but who can't relate to the comic madness of dating? Cozine praises the spot-on characterizations of the short's big ensemble. "You've probably met each person (in the cast) at some point in your life," she says, adding with a laugh, "I've met a couple of these people."

Besides producing the film, Cozine plays a waitress at the restaurant where the main action takes place. Tacoma's Pacific Grill provided just the right look and ambiance for the two-day shoot. If editing proceeds on schedule, we may see this bittersweet concoction at October's Tacoma Film Festival.

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