GREEN ISSUE: Evergreen’s foray into biomass gasification

By Brett Cihon on April 19, 2011


Going green is good. Compostable chip bags, solar powered busses, wind powered electricity plants. Most everyone will agree that we should save our mother Gaia's resources and cut back on our carbon footprint.

But going green isn't always easy. It can be a complicated, messy process. And as many from the Evergreen State College recently found out during a foray into biomass gasification, sometimes the best intentions for going green don't always work out as planned.

Biomass gasification is a process that heats wood just enough to create a combustible gas. The gas is then used as fuel to create useable energy.  It's a fairly simple process that has some potential as a greenhouse gas reduction strategy when done right. 

The problem is that biomass plants aren't always done right.

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