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March 19, 2011 at 10:49am

Yo DJ!

NWCZ RADIO: Darrell Fortune (bald dude in the middle) and co. have created something awesome and local. Above pictured with the band Perry Acker and singer Sherrie Voxxy of Voxxy Vallejo. Courtesy photo

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For my article on newly-minted, locally-focused Internet radio station NWCZ Radio, I reached out to some of its on-air talent for insight on why they feel the station fills a much-needed niche, and how their brief time at the station is already expanding their musical palette.

WEEKLY VOLCANO: Why do you think NWCZ is important? Why should more people be tuning in and how do you view the service it provides to the community?

"NWCZ is the kind of outlet that artists in the Northwest need: a homegrown station with a diverse and broad reach that can help expose them to a large audience. More people should tune into it and I think over time [they] will-it's just a matter of getting in the habit of setting the internet dial to NWCZRadio.com."

-Quincy Henry/Quincy Q'Dot, Fridays 7-8 p.m.

"The whole purpose, the mission statement for NWCZ and why I am here is [that] the main focus is the music; at NWCZ, the unsigned musician is what is showcased here.  These are very talented, independent musicians that struggle for every gig, that are on stage because they love the music and the artform.  That is what we do at NWCZ, we give these very talented musicians a larger platform, a bigger stage and get their music to the listening public.  We hear a lot from listeners that they never knew that band or that they were so good."

-Dave Samson, Mondays 7-10p.m.

"NWCZ provides a platform for musicians of all genres to be heard, and for fans of any genre to find a Northwest band that they just love. You probably had no idea how much amazing music is being produced and performed in the Northwest. And maybe not every song played is your favorite, but you will find many previously unknown gems for your hungry little ears, guaranteed!... There is some amazing stuff going on in Northwest music, and I am sure we are seeing some history being made right here in our own back yard."

-Sherrie Voxxy, Sundays 9-11 p.m.

"Much like large corporate retail outfits churn out the various competing products stacked for miles down the aisles, corporate music radio is still sending highly processed national artists out over the airwaves to satisfy a particular demographic in a highly splintered market. I believe that NWCZ fills a gap in this market by broadcasting only the local and regional heros - no big labels - no household names."

-Kevin Heiderich, Wednesdays 7-8 p.m.

"NWCZ is important because it provides a platform for some of our extremely talented musician friends to share their music with the masses. As we all know there are very few radio stations playing local independent bands. Even the weekly local music shows usually play the same bands over and over, so it's quite difficult for someone not in the clique to get in."

-Glen Casebeer, Thursdays 7 PM - 9 PM

VOLCANO: How do you feel, generally, about the state of Northwest music, based on what you've played or heard on NWCZ?

"That is simple...the Northwest music scene is blowing up. Similar to what occurred in the early '90s, in Seattle the artists are coming together every day to support and encourage one another. Of course, it is still ultra competitive due to the sheer volume of talent...but NW artists get that they need to lift each other up. My friend, Jeff Hamel, from Sweet Kiss Momma said it perfectly, 'Only one band needs to hit the big time, and the rest of us will have an opportunity to shine while the lights are on.'"

-Raymond Hayden, Tuesdays 7-8 p.m.

"From Bellingham to Eugene, we live in one of the most well-educated Baby Boomer and Gen X nesting spots in the country, and well-educated people apply liberal arts to their children in this area. We are rich in musical talent. Whatever your genre, you can find it in this broad stretch of territory, and you can find it stocked with a few solid bands at a minimum. When you couple that with the lowering cost of mass producing average to high quality recorded music, then the local kids have a shot at the market which was once dominated by giants."

-Kevin Heiderich

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jim said on Mar. 19, 2011 at 12:41pm

No interview with the Gimmer? WTF?

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Kevin H. said on Mar. 19, 2011 at 2:06pm

Jim ---

The Gimmer is at SXSW right now, and has been largely on the way or involved with that since this interview started. He rocks, tho, doesn't he?


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Lori said on Mar. 19, 2011 at 2:30pm

They are right when they say "As we all know there are very few radio stations playing local independent bands. Even the weekly local music shows usually play the same bands over and over, so it's quite difficult for someone not in the clique to get in."
You think payola is gone..... You are wrong..... Unless you have a major label behind you willing to give the radio stations "Free items" and when I say "Free" we are talking in the mid 5 figures, you will not get played.
Thanks NWCZ for giving those NW bands a forum where they can be heard, not because of the money, but because they play great music.

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Adumb said on Mar. 19, 2011 at 8:17pm

What Lori said! Plus Kudos for just doing it cuz you wanted to!

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