Know your Thurston County judges

By Brett Cihon on January 4, 2011


For many, watching a District Court judge hammer down the gavel is not a desired experience. But on Wednesday, Jan. 5, the sight of the gavel doesn't mean that the little baggie stashed deep in your sock drawer was finally discovered, it means you're in Olympia participating in the Justice at Work open house.

From 1-4:30 p.m. Thurston County Superior and District courts will be hosting an open house in an effort to show the community how the courts work. The open house will feature a brief opening ceremony, followed by the opportunity for visitors to watch initial hearings of those recently jailed (always a crowd pleaser) and pay visits to Family and Juvenile Courts. Community members will also be allowed to tour juvenile detention.

The courts are funded through state, county and city tax dollars. Like many other taxpayer-funded institutions, the courts face constraints and possible budget cuts in a tough financial year ahead. Although the courts are open to the public everyday, the Justice at Work open house event will give community members the chance to ask questions of court volunteers and  learn more about the programs and resources the courts offer. 

Visit the Washington Courts website for more information on the event. And remember this Weekly Volcano recommendation: Never look the judges directly in the eye. They can see the guilt in your soul.