Jeannie Darneille and Laurie Jinkins making news

By Zach Powers on December 22, 2010


This past weekend members of the state House Democratic Caucus approved the 2011 committee structure. Of special note to Tacoma: Rep. Jeannie Darneille was assigned vice chair (focusing on Appropriations) of the Ways and Means Committee. Newly elected Rep. Laurie Jinkins, who campaigned on her experience in health care, budgeting and administration was appropriately named vice chair of the Health Care and Wellness Committee and also appointed to the Capital Budget Committee. Rep. Steve Kirby will continue to chair the Business & Financial Services Committee, which is vice chaired by Rep. Troy Kelley. It's nice to see Tacoma's delegation working on a wide variety of issues in Olympia.

The full list of 2011 Committees is available here, courtesy the House Democratic Caucus' Blog (yes, even they have a blog).