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December 3, 2010 at 1:22pm

Snoopity snoop snoop

Bigelow House/photo courtesy of Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record


If you're one of those people who lock themselves in the bathroom when you go to parties at other people's houses so you can go through their medicine cabinets in peace, the 2010 Holiday Tour of Historic Homes is the ideal way to indulge your voyeuristic habit. You get the fix of going through another person's house, with none of the actual risk or guilt involved. Snoopy people of the world, come. Nine historic properties in the south capitol, southeast and northeast areas of Olympia - they're practically begging you to look at their stuff - go through them, all of them, memorize their floor plans to your little heart's content. The time has come to live the dream ... and help out Olympia's historic Bigelow House where the money raised will help with its repairs.

2010 Holiday Tour of Historic Homes

Sunday, Dec. 5, noon-4 p.m., $15, includes frees dessert and coffee
Bigelow House Museum, 918 Glass Ave., Olympia

LINK: More things to do in the South Sound

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December 3, 2010 at 2:04pm

We're here to help: Potter


This message came flying through the Weekly Volcano World Headquarters via the TacomaArt listserve:

I am a high school teacher in Spanaway, looking for a potter who would be willing to demonstrate basic wheel throwing for 2 classes of beginning ceramics students. I am trying to introduce my students to real working artists (besides me all the time). I can pay a modest amount for your time and gas. If you are interested, please contact me for more information. I'd like someone to come after the holidays when school resumes the week of Jan. 3rd.


Here's a Potter and wheel for you Jann:

You can reach Jann via email here.

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December 3, 2010 at 2:50pm

Jazz to the Vax Saturday night

Mike Vax


This Saturday, Wetzel and his Groovin' Higher Jazz Orchestra will push the Santa chair front and center for trumpeter Mike Vax. Vax will join Wetzel's annual "A Big Band Christmas" show, this time bringing holiday cheer to Tacoma Community College's Auditorium beginning at 7:30 p.m. The stage will be decked out with presents, garland, ribbon and a lot of guys in tuxedos.

Vax, an international artist for the Getzen Musical Instrument Company and a Summit Records recording artist, has played lead and solo trumpet with the Stan Kenton Orchestra, the Clark Terry Big Bad Band, and the U.S. Navy Show Band. His "sit-in" list is long and impressive that includes Art Pepper, Gene Krupa, Al Grey, and Freddy Hubbard, John Handy, Don Ellis, Don Jacoby, Louie Bellson, Joe Williams. Currently Vax leads his own groups: The Stan Kenton Alumni Band, The Mike Vax Jazz Orchestra, The Swing Shift Big Band in Prescott, Arizona, TRPTS (Trumpets), The Great American Jazz Band and the Mike Vax Quintet and Sextet.

And he finds time to drop in on Tacoma how?

Anyway, I scored the set list for Saturday night. This year Wetzel and crew will skip the Kenton focus of year's past and pay special tribute to Tom Kubis' arrangements. Check it:

Set One

  • Silent Night
  • Oh Holy Night
  • O Come Little Town
  • Hark The Herald
  • Do You Hear What I Hear
  • Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  • Sleigh Ride

Set Two

  • I'll Be Home For Christmas
  • Christmas Time Is Here
  • White Christmas
  • Winter Wonderland
  • God Rest Ye Merry Gents
  • Christmas Medley
  • The Christmas Song

Encore:  Auld Lang Syne

A Big Band Christmas

Saturday, Dec. 4, 7:30 p.m., $10 at Brown Paper Tickets
Tacoma Community College Building 3 Auditorium
6501 S. 19th St., Tacoma

LINK: Wetzel has more holiday cheer to give

December 3, 2010 at 3:09pm

Leila's Deli


On the corner of East 26th and D Street directly underneath Crystal Voyage in Tacoma's Dome District, Leila's Deli has a few surprises in the form of non-standard, unexpected ingredients: arugula, grilled zucchini, fresh basil, sun-dried tomatoes and pesto mayo. Even in the Pacific Northwest you just don't see that everywhere.

Another plus is a by-the-pound salad bar ($2 off Mondays) stocked with as many organic vegetables and salad toppings as owner Lucian "Lu" Lyons-Bridges can manage. Organic ingredients are also used in from-scratch soups, home-made coleslaw and potato salad, grilled Panini sandwiches, and hot or cold deli sandwiches made with Boar's Head meats and cheeses. Brats in buns, all beef hot dogs, chilidogs, vegetarian items, personal pizzas (pepperoni, cheese, veggie), gluten-free baked goods from Granny LaLa's and desserts are also offered. Get pizza and beer for only $7 from 4-6 p.m.

Leila's opens early at 8 a.m. daily except Sundays, with breakfast sandwiches, quiche, bagels, rotating freshly baked pastries and fruit smoothies served. I'm not suggesting homemade pie or cookies before noon, but they've got them too if you want them. Complete box lunches are available, but they won't be served in Styrofoam; Leila's is committed to only using biodegradable or recyclable containers, cups, utensils, plates and napkins.

[Leila's Deli, 402 E. 26th St., Tacoma 253.627.8213, www.tacomadeli.com]

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December 3, 2010 at 11:05pm

The Prefunk: Vili Fualaau and Mary Kay Letourneau in Parkland!


It's all a blur now. Workdays. Weekends. What does it matter? You, like nearly everyone else, have been officially sucked into the holiday vortex - pulled by a magnetic force with the strength of ten thousand elephants towards malls, Costcos, Targets, and anywhere else where the exchange of money for goods is the way of the land. Though tomorrow is Saturday, and the next day is Sunday - and that - by definition - is a weekend of potential relaxation, there's no rest for the weary when it comes to the holidays.

Still, you can't shop THE ENTIRE time. You'll need to refuel. You'll need a few drinks, or an activity aside from the credit card swipe, and inevitably you'll search for some action.

Luckily, the Prefunk is here - a weekly weekend primer for you and your liver - with a picture of an alcoholic household pet thrown in for good measure.

DJ Headliner at Bull Market and Paradise Bowl in Parkland

Saturday, Dec. 4

OK. I'll cut straight to the goddamn chase on this one. I recently got an email alerting me to a regular event in the area I had no idea existed. It said, and I quote, "DJ Billi Fualauu and Mary Kay Letourneau top 40" - EVERY Saturday night at Bull Market Bar and Grill/Paradise Bowl.

"Wow," I said to myself. "Wow ..."

This is what it's come to.

Naturally, I did some background research. First of all, the email should have said DJ Vili Fualaau - though considering the fact I knew the character in question only as that kid who boffed Mary K Letourneau and ended up marrying her, and I recognized his name either way, I suppose it didn't really matter. ...

"Could Vili Fualaau and Mary Kay Letourneau REALLY have a weekly gig in Parkland?" was the natural question I was left asking myself. I knew he was a DJ, and I knew they'd done "Hot For Teacher" nights at a few clubs, but could this really be a regular thing?

The emailer said it was true, claiming it'd been going for about a month and a half.


It seemed like a revelation that needed verification.  I wanted to pass along the info, but could this really be happening? Could I really be a month and a half late to the Vili Fualaau, Mary Kay Letourneau Parkland party? Jesus ...

So I called the Bull Market. It was loud when whoever I reached picked up the phone. As I shouted my question, the absurdity of it all somehow became so much more obvious. "IS MARY KAY LETOURNEAU AT YOUR BAR EVERY SATURDAY!?!"

When the other end of the line asked me to repeat myself, I considered it a sign and simply hung up.

My gut was telling me it was true, and I trusted the source, but still I wanted verification ...

So I went to old friend Internet. After some futile searching, I found what I was looking for. 

Vili Fualaau is DJ Headline. DJ Headline is Vili Fualaau - who is that kid who boffed Mary Kay Letourneau and ended up marrying her. Together, they most definitely are the "DJ Billy Faulaau and Mary Kay Letourneau," from my email.

Most importantly, DRUM ROLL PLEASE ...

They've got a WEEKLY GIG gig at the Bull Market Bar and Grill/Paradise Bowl - in Parkland every Saturday night.

I don't even really have a joke for all of this. Sometimes reality is good enough.

PREFUNK: What does it matter? The apocalypse must surely be upon us. Just watch this so you know what you're getting yourself into before heading to the Bull Market in Parkland.

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December 4, 2010 at 7:00am

I'm the Foursquare Holiday Mayor of Corina Bakery!

Photography by Steph DeRosa


"Hey Corina Bakery! I'm the mutha elfing Foursquare Holiday Mayor of your bakery now!" screamed Bandito Betty Lou Who – our very happy friend who leaps for us on Spew. "I hear you're making sugarplums every Saturday in December. I have some sugar for you right ... HERE!"


December 4, 2010 at 7:21am

Mistledole: Mary Bridge Children’s Foundation/Festival of Trees

Photo courtesy of Facebook


There's no better way to support your community than supporting your neighbors in need, especially during the holiday season. We'll feature local charities on Spew throughout this holiday season with links to donate your money, supplies and time.

Give the karmic wheel a spin for today's charity focus:

Festival of Trees

Fundraiser for Mary Bridge Children's Hospital & Health Center
Saturday, Dec. 4-Sunday, Dec. 5
Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center
1500 Broadway, Tacoma

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and there's nothing quite like a lovely tree - or 70 - to help that Christmas spirit along. Many people kicked off their holiday season by participating in the four-day Festival of Trees event in Tacoma, which began Thursday.

The Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center has been transformed into a holiday wonderland complete with decorated trees, auctions, music and a visit from the man-in-red - Santa! This event is a fundraiser for the Mary Bridge Hospital & Health Center.

Last year more than 11,000 people attended the Festival of Trees, raising $1.5 million for Mary Bridge Children's Foundation.

"The Festival of Trees is the foundation's largest event based fundraiser raising approximately two million dollars annually," says John Xitco. Xitco, his brother, Luke, and their business partner Frank Pupo Jr. have been co-presenting sponsors of the Festival of Trees through their company Associated Petroleum Products, Inc. commonly known as APP, Inc. for many years. John has sat on the Mary Bridge Children's Foundation board for six years, and is currently the board chair.

"My involvement with Mary Bridge started with the premature birth of my nephew, Chase, who is now 6 years old," explains Xitco.  "I realized the importance and appreciated having premier health care like Mary Bridge Children's Hospital and Multicare right here in our own hometown." 

Being a father of two and wanting to in some way make a difference in our community, Xitco felt compelled to do what he could to assist with their efforts to provide health care to children in the South Puget Sound.

"The Festival of Trees has evolved in the last couple years adding ‘Ladies Night Out' and this year Vicci Martinez will be playing at Jingle Bell Jam Saturday. It's an amazing display of both the holidays and giving."

The public is invited to tour the trees from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. today and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. tomorrow. Admission is $6, $2 from students 13-18 and children 12 and younger are free.

LINK: Donate to Mary Bridge Children's Foundation

LINK: Volunteer at Mary Bridge

Previous Mistledole charities

December 4, 2010 at 7:48am

Proctor Farmers Market now year round

Photo courtesy of Facebook


Here we are, clamped firmly in winter's dismal, rime-curdled armpit, and I'm in full-on hibernation mode. Fortunately, my projected schedule for the next two months includes plenty of worshipping the space heater, taking hot showers and slaughtering my friends at Scrabble; but even triple-word-score beatdowns eventually get old. So I'm thrilled to hear every second Saturday I can still visit my friends at the Proctor Farmers Market. Here's the press release:

With the beginning of its Winter Market Season, the Proctor Farmers' Market becomes the first year-round farmers' market in Pierce County. The Proctor Farmers' Market will be open once monthly on every Second Saturday during December, January, February, and March.


December 4, 2010 at 9:32am

Shout out: Last night in pictures


Folks who know tattooing history are more qualified to judge the version of American tattooing presented in last night's screening of Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry at the Blue Mouse Theatre, but for a lay person, it was engrossing as hell. It was cool to see Hawaii before toruism ruined it. I thought it was also very funny - but that could have been the free rum talking.

Luke Larsen, guitarist and singer with Pioneers West, performed solo at The New Frontier Lounge. Racing from the Sailor Jerry Film, I only caught his last couple of strums. The reaction from the crowd hinted of brilliance.

I did catch the entire Basemint set with the packed crowd at The New Frontier. The quartet's approach was as tight as a Velvet Underground-gloved fist. When the foursome throws itself headlong into one of its surf-y garage rock whirls, the experience can be downright exhilarating.

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December 4, 2010 at 10:08am

5 Things to Do Today: DJ Vili Fualaau, Doxology, The Black Crowes, Sounds of the Season, the Riffbrokers

Doxology is at Jazzbones tonight


1. Meet Mary Kay Letourneau and her husband, DJ Vili Fualaau at Bull Market Bar and Grill in Parkland. We shit you not.

2. Doxology will celebrate the release of the band's latest pop-rock record, The Revolution, tonight at Jazzbones. Get your dance on.

3. OMG! Flashback alert! The Black Crowes are at the Emerald Queen Casino tonight. Shake your money maker.

4. The Tacoma Symphony Orchestra - known around these parts as simply TSO - will bust out its "Sounds of the Season" performance tonight and tomorrow at the Pantages Theater. Here's one holiday tradition un-worthy of a bah humbug.

5. Countdown to Christmas tonight at the New Frontier with the iconic Girl Trouble, the Dignitaries and the Riffbrokers.  

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