Funky Monkey off the air

By Volcano Staff on November 10, 2010

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If you tune into the Funky Monkey 104.9FM you will not hear any monkey noises. As of today, the local neu-rock radio station went off the air. In its place is GenX 104.9FM. A Funky Monkey wake will reportedly be held tonight starting at 8 p.m. inside Hell's Kitchen. The vibe will be funky, to say the least.

The following was posted today on the GenX's website:

To Our Monkey Nation

The time has come to say goodbye and thank you to all of our loyal fans.  For the last 11 years you have tuned in to our little station while we brought new rock music to the south sound. We have had the pleasure of meeting many of you at our events and love hearing the stories of how The Monkey has been the sound track for your lives. There is nothing like making someone's dreams come true and introducing them to their favorite rock star.  Those are the memories we'll take with us forever.  Thank you for the support you've shown us by coming out to our events and supporting our causes like Rock For Racks.  It was widely known that Monkey listeners are the most passionate radio listeners out there, and for your endless enthusiasm, we thank you. We lasted a LONG TIME with some mega-massive and mega-awesome rock radio stations around us in this great city, and for 11 years we bit at their ankles & had a blast. We will never forget how fortunate we were to have been a part of The Monkey.  So for now, lock up your monkey shirts, hats, & stickers because they're officially collectors items! Thanks again for being the best listeners in the world! Think of us fondly and please keep local music alive and in your hearts.

To put it simply: WE'LL DO IT LIVE! Now, say it with us if you will...

Be safe, be dangerous --- but most importantly ... and always: rock onwards, and continuously. Thank you