Pierce Conservation District lawsuit follow-up

By Zach Powers on November 15, 2010


Last week we published an article about the current funding threat to the Pierce Conservation District - largely due to a lawsuit concerning the legality of the assessment fee used to fund the district. While our article focused on what the potential damage to Pierce Conservation District would mean for our community and whether or not it will occur, some of you emailed us wanting to know more about the actual lawsuit that has led to this domino effect. It is a class action lawsuit contending that the property levy collected by both Pierce and King County's Conservation Districts are illegal. The group responsible for the lawsuit, and others like it, is Citizens Alliance for Property Rights (CARP) - a conservative group based in King County.

For the full scoop on CARP and this lawsuit check out this Blogging Georgetown post. They have been following CARP and the King County Conservation District for some time.