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July 2, 2010 at 11:38am

THE PREFUNK: TacomaCentric at Freedom Fair

Sadly, this "Blacked Out Wiener Dog" lost everything, and now lives in a van down by the Puyallup River.

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Quick: What's better than the weekend?

Answer: A three-day, booze and explosives-fueled extravaganza!

The Fourth of July is upon us, yo! Most of us have three days of barbecues, beer, Black Cats, tormented dogs and fun ahead.

Let's not waste any time. Here's this week's Prefunk: a primer for the coming weekend specially designed for you and your liver - with a picture of an alcoholic household pet thrown in for good measure.

On that note, check out this week's pic! It's a new one, artistically titled "Blacked Out Wiener Dog," courtesy of a faithful Prefunk reader who took last week's plea to heart, and emailed it to me at mattd@weeklyvolcano.com. You rule, faithful reader! And you - faithful readers who have yet to act - can do the same! Email alcoholic pet photos to me and see your furry friend immortalized forever in The Prefunk. It'll be awesome. I swear.


Sunday, July 4

While I think plenty of Tacomans kind of take it for granted, or just don't realize it, the annual Fourth of July Freedom Fair on the Ruston Way waterfront is kind of a big deal. Or at least it's big. Freedom Fair is said to be the largest single-day event in Pierce County, and one of the largest Fourth of July celebrations in the country.

This year's Freedom Fair (known for the obvious: fireworks, hot dogs, fat white people in tank tops) will mark the 31st year of the festival - which is an impressive accomplishment, especially considering recent economic hardships have taken a heavy toll on free, public events like Freedom Fair. One of the ways the minds behind Freedom Fair are balancing the books (or at least attempting to) is by asking Freedom Fair-goers for a voluntary donation for the second year in a row.

Most people won't donate, of course, but every little bit helps.

New this year is the "TacomaCentric" zone, which will be in Marine Park near The Lobster Shop - an attempt by Tacoma movers and shakers, and the Tacoma Events Commission, to actually give the Freedom Fair's host city, Tacoma, a little love amidst the madness and mass of humanity. Tacoma artists, musicians and locally owned businesses will all get a place to show off their proud, "253" skills and stuff, to the betterment of all involved.

Starting at 11 a.m. and running until the time the fireworks start, just after ten - the TacomaCentric at Marine Park Stage will feature local crowd favorites like Voxxy Vallejo, Missionary Position, Deborah Page, Umber Sleeping and VIII Days Clean. Set times and more information can be found here.

PREFUNK SUGGESTION: If you're going to celebrate our nation's birthday, you might as well do it right. Before heading down to the Freedom Fair, or perhaps while you're at the Freedom Fair - but prior to the orgasmic fireworks finale, indulge in all the thing's or country is known for: baseball, apple pie, Budweiser, backwards hats, gross consumption of fossil fuels, cargo shorts and TapouT T-shirts with the sleeves cutoff.

Once you have all your U.S.A. bases covered, you'll be primed and ready to celebrate the Fourth of July in proud, Freedom Fest fashion.

See you next week, and enjoy the holiday!

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IdeaMan said on Jul. 02, 2010 at 4:48pm

Great pic...everyone knows beer and hotdogs go together! Freedom Fair is the best and biggest free party in Tacoma every year....I've found the best time to go is before 7pm when you can enjoy all the art exhibits, food, beer gardens, rides and entertainment without lines or crowds. Then I'm ready to prefunk till the big show!

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