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July 1, 2010 at 12:24am

5 Things To Do: "Peter Pan" meets the harp, Drinking Liberally, "Othello," Flip-Flop Thursday and MC battle

"Tinker Bell, I don't think we're in Never Land anymore."

THURSDAY, JULY 1, 2010 >>>

1. The silent flick Peter Pan will screen tonight at 7 p.m. inside the Tacoma Library Main Branch. Harpist Leslie McMichael's will score the magic.

2. Tacoma Drinking Liberally will discuss recent political events and tip back a few brews at 7 p.m. inside The Hub.

3. Theater Artists Olympia will stage their interpretation of Shakespeare's classic, Othello, at 8 p.m. inside the Olympia Little Theater.

4. Chalet Bowl in Tacoma is throwing a luau with beer and food specials, prizes and contests at 9 p.m. to kick off their Flip-Flop Thursdays summer special.

5. The Go Hard Or Go Home MC Battle hosted by SP featuring DJ Travisty kicks off at 11 p.m. inside The Royal Lounge in Olympia.

LINK: More arts and entertainment events in the South Sound

July 1, 2010 at 12:25am

SHORT ORDER: Starbuck's Wi-Fi, Pecan Pie Blizzard, food coloring is evil

Have a Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino blended beverage and discover the drink's calorie count online for free.


Going Online: Starbucks Corp. offers unlimited free Wi-Fi at all of its company-operated U.S. locations beginning today.

Taco Thursdays: Rock the Dock Pub & Grill now serves dollar tacos every Thursday from 6-8 p.m. Have one at 535 Dock St. in Tacoma.

Blizzard Of The Month: Daily Queen is busting out the Pecan Pie Blizzard through July.

New Menu: Salty's at Redondo Beach has a new summer menu.

Week Two: Pacific Grill hosts a Noodle Bar every Thursday night at 9 p.m.

Food Matters: Artificial food dyes may be dangerous, new report warns. Shocker.

LINK: South Sound happy hours

LINK: Restaurant coupons

LINK: Wine and beer tastings today

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July 1, 2010 at 10:19am

Weekly Volcano Twitter Stalker

The Weekly Volcano follows B & C-list celebrities because it's funny >>>

Just like most good, new-age, social media applications, Twitter allows people to share and be privy to once personal, almost wholly pointless information about peoples' lives. It's seemingly endless. While Twitter is mostly full of everyday, ho-hum people - just like you and me, sharing info about what type of oatmeal we ate for breakfast and where we get our hair cut - Twitter is also a magnet for the moderately-famous.

Stars of yesterday, illiterate millionaire athletes, former cast members of Saved By the Bell - you can follow them all, intimately, on Twitter.

But, you've got standards. We get that.

That's why we'll do it for you, in a feature we like to call Weekly Volcano Twitter Stalker.

Today, checking in with...

Tracy Morgan

April 16: Tracy Morgan has goals

"I don't know about yall but I'm going to grab me up a yaddda and do see death at a funeral this weekend and hopfuly get some ass after."

October 21, 2009: Tracy Morgan offers his services via Twitter

"For $15 I'll induce your labor" 6:53 a.m., via UberTwitter

October 13, 2009: Tracy Morgan is a fan of Tracy Morgan

"siting here watching vh1 hiphop honors. that Tracy Morgan is a funny mother fucker." 6:18 p.m., via web

October 8, 2009: Wow. Just wow.

"my dickhead is shaped liked a darth vadar helmet. my dick is so fat it looks like r2d2." 12:43 p.m., via web

Tune in tomorrow for more hot Twitter Stalking action from the Weekly Volcano


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July 1, 2010 at 3:29pm

THE WEEKEND HUSTLE: Tacoma Rose Show, Puyallup Farmers Market, and old fashioned Fourths



Saturday: Partly cloudy, hi 67, lo 52
Sunday: Party cloudy, hi 68, lo 52

TRAFFIC ALERT: According to the Washington State Dept. of Transportation, no major roadwork will happen on the major South Sound area highways this weekend.


The perfection of a rose. As any good (or bad) plastic surgeon will tell you, there is always a way to improve on nature. Luckily for the flowers, their improvement doesn't involve extensive surgery or months of painful recovery. It does, however, involve death. Oh well, The Tacoma Rose Society presents its annual rose show with this year's theme is "A Dress Rehearsal." Dress rehearsal for what? A death?

  • Jackson Hall, July 3, 9:50 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., free, 314 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Tacoma


Like cherries, handmade knickknacks, ice sculptures and free parking for your SUV? Then you'll love the Puyallup Farmers Market, a valley institution for nearly as long as cows have been tipped. Engulfing historic downtown P-town every weekend, May through October, and drawing impressive crowds on a regular basis, there's no doubt Ezra Meeker would be proud of what the Puyallup Farmers Market has blossomed into.


Some people like to celebrate the Fourth drinking a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon, munching a bag of pork rinds and getting a tattoo of the American Flag on their nether regions. But if drunken debauchery and in-your-face patriotism seem a little too much for you, check out Grand Old Fourth of July in Steilacoom. Here you'll take in free historical walking tours, ice cream socials, an old-fashioned parade at 1 p.m., street dance at 7 p.m. and fireworks around 10:30 p.m.  I doubt the town leaders have any strange tattoos but don't take my word for it; go see for yourself at this wholesome, family-oriented Fourth of July celebration.


Once again it's time to don the red, white and blue and wax patriotic until it hurts. A painless way to revere our nation is with the Meeker Mansion Band Concert and Social – a Puyallup community group hug. A community band will present a late afternoon concert of patriotic and old-fashioned music on the lawn.  The Meeker Society, the private nonprofit organization that maintains the 1890-era Victoria Home erected by Puyallup founder Ezra Meeker, will sell hot dogs, soft drinks, ice cream sundaes, and more. Bring a lawn chair or blanket.  And let's face it, patriotism is fun. Why? Because we get to sing songs such as "Yankee Doodle Dandy," and if doodle is dandy, we're in a great country. 

  • Meeker Mansion, 3-5 p.m., free admission, 312 Spring St., Puyallup, 253.848.1770


MATT DRISCOLL Editor and member of the Official John Elway Fan Club
The Driscolls will be making their monthly Costco run this Saturday. What! What! Nothing says Saturday like pallets of toilet paper, samples of bean dip and Kirkland brand athletic socks. It's gonna be dope. Later that night I'll pretend like I'm not the type of person that shops at Costco when Chain and the Gang plays The New Frontier with Basemint and DJ Dub Narcotic (Calvin Johnson) - which should be an utterly amazing show.

PAUL SCHRAG Senior Contributor
I'm wrapping up final edits on a book that will publish in spring, working on a couple of music projects, and re-designing the Web site for Environmental Aesthetics. It's more exciting than it sounds. 

NIKKI TALOTTA Feature Writer
I will be working at the bar and dreaming of King Solomon's Reef food, per usual. But then! Furloughs (mandatory day lay-offs) have kicked in and my guy has Monday off, which means an actual Fourth of July par-tay at the neighbors. Finally, state-workers and weekend service industry workers unite! Drink up, we're gonna need empty bottles to shoot rockets from!

I will be in Westport indulging in pyromania with my plethora of DeRosa cousins. This weekend will include (but not be limited to) terrorizing my next-door neighbor with childish antics with the hopes of his grouchy ass finally having a heart attack.

Another Saturday night, and I ain't got nobody. I got some money, 'cause I just got paid. And I will use that money to get trashed and watch Chain and the Gang and Basemint tear apart the New Frontier. Rock.

KRIS BLONDIN Food/Wine Writer
If the weather holds, we are going boating with Jack and Vicky Winters. Heading to the southern part of Anderson Island to lounge and catch some crab! Then a party or two on Sunday! Happy Fourth!

JENNIFER JOHNSON: Lifestyle/Leisure Writer
Friday at Hell's Kitchen for Tool tribute band 46 & 2 to try and win tickets to the sold-out Tool concert. Saturday at Tempest for IndepenDANCE with DJ dAb, Bilori and Chris Savenetti. Ride bikes down to Freedom Fair for the Fourth on Sunday.

That Othello: He's a complicated man, and no one understands him but his woman. I'm stoked for TAO's funkified production, set in New York City, 1968.

LINK: More arts and entertainment events in the South Sound

July 2, 2010 at 7:09am

5 Things To Do: Burn Idols, seed chat, Speak Your Soul, Tool tribute band ...

Burn Idols roll into Tacoma tonight for a show at The Viaduct.

FRIDAY, JULY 2, 2010 >>>

1. Burn Idols out of Long Beach join White Wards, Malice, and The Kingsford Run for an all-ages 7 p.m. show at The Viaduct.

2. Marisha Auerbach of Wild Thyme Farm and Herb'n Wisdom will discuss the benefits and activist nature of seed saving (quite literally, saving seeds from your garden to ensure genetic diversity in the food we eat) at 7 p.m. inside King's Books. Stop laughing. It's important. Considering the corporatization of our food supply and the fact that the genetic diversity of our fruits and vegetables is being crushed by capitalism and mass production, this is a talk to take note of.

3. Theater Artists Olympia (or TAO) is doing some of the most forward theater out there, from last year's Poona the Fuckdog, to their interpretation of Shakespeare's classic, Othello, which hits the Olympia Little Theatre stage at 8 p.m. Set in 1968 in crime-riddled New York - in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement - TAO's Othello is described as a tragedy that "takes us on a journey where we can confront our greatest hopes and fears." Basically, TAO's Othello sounds destined to brilliantly play off the original, only with a lot more guns.

4. The Tacoma Speak Your Soul Open Mic - open to all styles of poetry, especially poems intended to build a better world - begins at 8 p.m. inside The Den @ urbanXchange.

5. Hell's Kitchen hosts Tool tribute band 46 & 2 and Lurid at 9 p.m. There will be a raffle for a pair of tickets to the July 10 sold out Tool show at KeyArena.

LINK: Concerts will go on sale this morning

LINK: New movies open today

July 2, 2010 at 7:37am

SHORT ORDER: Free Tully's coffee, wild steelhead cakes, Minoela menu change


Free Is Good: Tully's Coffee will be offering free drip coffee from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. today as part of an Independence Day celebration at participating locations. It will also offer a buy-one-get-one-free barista drink to customers through Monday July 5.

Wine Tasting: Taste wines from Shooting Star Winery tasting from 3-6 p.m. today at Water to Wine in Gig Harbor. More wine tastings can be found here.

Highly Recommend: Asado serves two delicious wild steelhead cakes as appetizers through next week for $11. They're not cakey or fishy, but rather moist chunks of goodness.

New Menu: Minoela Wine House and New American Bistro owner Danielle Kartes and staff celebrated a one-year anniversary at Minoela June 23, and they overhauled their French and Italian cuisine inspired menu. Grab the scoop here.

Food Matters: Obama cookie-rama

LINK: South Sound happy hours

LINK: Restaurant coupons

LINK: South Sound Restaurant Guide

July 2, 2010 at 10:16am

MORNING SPEW: William Winlock Miller, Puyallup ladder burglar, Malibu Paul ...


Lindsay Lohan is 24 today.


Olympia residents elected the town's first mayor in 1873 - William Winlock Miller. Before then, a town president was selected annually from among the members of the town board. William Winlock Miller High School opened in 1907 on land donated by Miller's wife on the grounds immediately east of the sunken gardens in the Washington State Capitol Campus. In 1961 the high school split in two forming Olympia High and Tumwater High.


anarthria (an-'ar-thre-e) noun [New Latin, from Greek anarthros, not articulated]

Loss of the motor ability that enables speech

anarthric - adjective

Usage example: And then Elly May just stood there, gasping and grinning, utterly speechless, giddy as a schoolgirl on meth, very nearly anarthric, quivering and goosebumped all over her oatmealy skin, as a masked man on a ladder peered at her naked body through her second story Puyallup apartment window. "At least someone's interested in seeing me naked," she didn't manage to whisper to her fat husband in the next room who was frothing at the mouth over SportsCenter.


The unemployed receive bad news before a holiday ... again.

Soon it will NOT be legal to drink and drive in Russia.

Booze v. Buds? Herbal jazz cigarettes win.

The Morning Spew posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning on this blog.

July 2, 2010 at 10:26am

Weekly Volcano Twitter Stalker

The Weekly Volcano follows B & C-list celebrities so you don't have to >>>

Just like most good, new-age, social media applications, Twitter allows people to share and be privy to once personal, almost wholly pointless information about peoples' lives. It's seemingly endless. While Twitter is mostly full of everyday, ho-hum people - just like you and me, sharing info about what type of oatmeal we ate for breakfast and where we get our hair cut - Twitter is also a magnet for the moderately-famous.

Stars of yesterday, illiterate millionaire athletes, former cast members of Saved By the Bell - you can follow them all, intimately, on Twitter.

But, you've got standards. We get that.

That's why we'll do it for you, in a feature we like to call Weekly Volcano Twitter Stalker.

Today, checking in with...

Marlon Wayans dishing on today's World Cup action

Earlier today: Marlon Wayans knows comparisons

"The Netherlands coach is sharp he dressed like a dutchanese Pat Riley" about an hour ago, via Blackberry

"The goalie for brazil look like a Portuguese kevin james" about two hours ago, via Blackberry

"Half the Netherlands team look like my balding 3rd grade Phys ed teacher" about two hours ago, via Blackberry

Earlier today: Marlon Wayans knows sportsmanship

"Netherlands team is funny they do foul shit then shake Brazil's hand" about two hours ago, via Blackberry

Earlier today: Marlon Wayans finally offers some in depth soccer analysis

"Boy Brazil was clustered around that net like roaches on sweet cereal" about two hours ago, via Blackberry

Tune in next week for more hot Twitter Stalking action from the Weekly Volcano.

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July 2, 2010 at 11:38am

THE PREFUNK: TacomaCentric at Freedom Fair

Sadly, this "Blacked Out Wiener Dog" lost everything, and now lives in a van down by the Puyallup River.


Quick: What's better than the weekend?

Answer: A three-day, booze and explosives-fueled extravaganza!

The Fourth of July is upon us, yo! Most of us have three days of barbecues, beer, Black Cats, tormented dogs and fun ahead.

Let's not waste any time. Here's this week's Prefunk: a primer for the coming weekend specially designed for you and your liver - with a picture of an alcoholic household pet thrown in for good measure.

On that note, check out this week's pic! It's a new one, artistically titled "Blacked Out Wiener Dog," courtesy of a faithful Prefunk reader who took last week's plea to heart, and emailed it to me at mattd@weeklyvolcano.com. You rule, faithful reader! And you - faithful readers who have yet to act - can do the same! Email alcoholic pet photos to me and see your furry friend immortalized forever in The Prefunk. It'll be awesome. I swear.


Sunday, July 4

While I think plenty of Tacomans kind of take it for granted, or just don't realize it, the annual Fourth of July Freedom Fair on the Ruston Way waterfront is kind of a big deal. Or at least it's big. Freedom Fair is said to be the largest single-day event in Pierce County, and one of the largest Fourth of July celebrations in the country.

This year's Freedom Fair (known for the obvious: fireworks, hot dogs, fat white people in tank tops) will mark the 31st year of the festival - which is an impressive accomplishment, especially considering recent economic hardships have taken a heavy toll on free, public events like Freedom Fair. One of the ways the minds behind Freedom Fair are balancing the books (or at least attempting to) is by asking Freedom Fair-goers for a voluntary donation for the second year in a row.

Most people won't donate, of course, but every little bit helps.

New this year is the "TacomaCentric" zone, which will be in Marine Park near The Lobster Shop - an attempt by Tacoma movers and shakers, and the Tacoma Events Commission, to actually give the Freedom Fair's host city, Tacoma, a little love amidst the madness and mass of humanity. Tacoma artists, musicians and locally owned businesses will all get a place to show off their proud, "253" skills and stuff, to the betterment of all involved.

Starting at 11 a.m. and running until the time the fireworks start, just after ten - the TacomaCentric at Marine Park Stage will feature local crowd favorites like Voxxy Vallejo, Missionary Position, Deborah Page, Umber Sleeping and VIII Days Clean. Set times and more information can be found here.

PREFUNK SUGGESTION: If you're going to celebrate our nation's birthday, you might as well do it right. Before heading down to the Freedom Fair, or perhaps while you're at the Freedom Fair - but prior to the orgasmic fireworks finale, indulge in all the thing's or country is known for: baseball, apple pie, Budweiser, backwards hats, gross consumption of fossil fuels, cargo shorts and TapouT T-shirts with the sleeves cutoff.

Once you have all your U.S.A. bases covered, you'll be primed and ready to celebrate the Fourth of July in proud, Freedom Fest fashion.

See you next week, and enjoy the holiday!

July 2, 2010 at 5:44pm

Girl Trouble vs. Gorilla Productions UPDATE!

Weekly Volcano Editor Matt Driscoll and Tacoma artist RR Anderson met in Tacoma's Frost Park Friday, July 2, 2010. Photographers were on hand to record the famous handshake.


I finally did it today. I purchased my first original Tacomic. After what seems like months of innuendo, I sealed the deal with Tacomic creator RR Anderson at this afternoon's Frost Park Chalk Off, happily handing over an appropriate $66.66 for the Girl Trouble vs. Gorilla Productions Tacomic Anderson completed and posted on FeedTacoma in April.

Anderson created this particular Tacomic in response to an ongoing lawsuit pitting Tacoma's iconic Girl Trouble, and most specifically drummer Bon Von Wheelie, against Ohio's Gorilla Productions, a company that books shows at clubs all over the country (often times "battles of the bands"), requiring the bands booked (usually young and impressionable) to sell the tickets to these shows - with Gorilla taking a substantial chunk of the show's profits.

Von Wheelie and Girl Trouble see this practice as "Pay to Play" - an age-old and somewhat murky term that's nonetheless understood when its seen in practice within independent music scenes. At its base, it means exactly what it sounds like - a club or booker requiring bands (or the artistic talent being taken advantage of) to actually PAY for the chance to play. It's bad news, and it's the kind of practice that ruins music scenes.

In response to what Von Wheelie sees as more and more pay-to-play schemes popping up - run by Gorilla and other similar companies like Big Time Entertainment - the Girl Trouble drummer created a website - neverpaytoplay.com.

Gorilla didn't like it. The really didn't like the fact that when you type "Gorilla Productions" into Google, the second option that pops up is "Gorilla Productions Scam" - which leads to (among other things, now days - especially since the lawsuit) Von Wheelie's anti pay-to-play Web site.

So Gorilla sued Girl Trouble, with Von Wheelie's website at the root of lawsuit, seeking in excess of $25,000 in damages.

Here's the story I wrote about it back in April, when the Weekly Volcano was first to break the story.

In preparation for my meeting with Anderson today, and the purchase of his Girl Trouble vs. Gorilla Productions Tacomic - which depicts the members of Girl Trouble being attacked by a giant gorilla with disturbing nipples wielding a barrel (ala Donkey Kong) with the acronym SLAPP sketched on it (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) - I checked in once again with Girl Trouble lawyer Wade Neal of Johnson, Graffe, Keay, Moniz & Wick, LLP - a man perhaps better known as a guitarist for Seaweed

According to Neal, who is only part of the legal team representing Girl Trouble, as the band has also been forced to procure representation in Ohio where the lawsuit was filed and where the case (if there ever is one) will be heard, the proceedings are in a bit of a "holding pattern" at the moment, with the Ohio judge currently waiting for Gorilla to file a "sur-reply" based on an important case that just concluded a few weeks ago that deals with jurisdiction over comments made via the Internet. Girl Trouble has requested the lawsuit be dropped on the basis that Ohio courts don't have personal jurisdiction over a Web site published by Von Wheelie in Washington State, and that Von Wheelie's Web site is passive, non-defamatory and protected under Freedom of Speech.

Naturally, Gorilla disagrees - saying Von Wheelie's Web site is more than a "gripe site," its intention is to cause intentional harm to the company - specifically within the state of Ohio - and Girl Trouble has adequate connections to Ohio to give courts jurisdiction.

The nuts and bolts of this argument (whether Ohio has personal jurisdiction) come down to whether or not Von Wheelie and Girl Trouble intended to do specific harm to Gorilla in the state of Ohio and what kind of Web site the court concludes Von Wheelie's neverpaytoplay.com to be. By the sound of things, we should have that decision shortly. Girl Trouble and Neal remain confident the lawsuit will eventually be dropped, and the band will not be forced to travel to Ohio to defend itself against what it deems a  "frivolous" complaint.

"We are hopeful that we will be dismissed," Neal tells me. "However, we don't know how the judge is going to rule, although I am confident that in Girl Trouble's case, they should not be subject to jurisdiction in Ohio courts."

Neal provided the Weekly Volcano with copies of motions filed in the case, including Gorilla's original response to Girl Trouble's motion to dismiss the case, and a motion by Girl Trouble that followed.

Highlights from Gorilla, specifically in regard to Girl Trouble's motion to dismiss the case based on lack of personal jurisdiction:

The web-site in question is not a passive "gripe-site;" as business may be conducted through the sight, in the form of compact disc and t-shirt purchases.

Under the Calder, supra "effects test," Ohio and the local scene is mentioned numerous times in an effort to convince Ohio residents that Plaintiff is a "scam" company. As a result, Ohio feels the brunt of the harm. Additionally, the litigation at issue is discussed on the website making an additional impact on Ohio.

Highlights from Girl Trouble's response to the court in regard to Gorilla's claims:

Plaintiff Gorilla Productions, Inc ("Gorilla") fails to recognize that Ohio courts generally do not find jurisdiction over non-resident defendants who operate "passive" websites that provide only information and opinion, in the absence of direct targeting of the forum state, intentional torts directed at the forum state, or some other basis for jurisdiction in conjunction with statements made on the Internet, such as business transactions with the forum state.

In addition, Gorilla admits that (Von Wheelie's) site www.neverpaytoplay.com ("NPTP") is "passive" and "not actionable," on its own, even under Ohio's "Long-Arm" Statute.  In addition, the separate website www.wig-out.com ("Wig-Out"), provides no basis for jurisdiction on its own or for statements made on NPTP.  Moreover, Gorilla provides no evidence for Defendants' connection to acts such as sending private emails to Gorilla, or "threatening" to contact consumers about the company.  In any event, private communications are not actionable as plead by Gorilla and cannot be used as a basis for jurisdiction.

NPTP also does not show any "hope" that NPTP has a "devastating effect" on Gorilla in Ohio.  No such intent to cause negative effects can be found on NPTP.  NPTP does not discuss any "dastardly plan" to harm Gorilla, as in Kauffman. Id., at 3 ¶13.  In contrast, the statements specifically complained of in this case, such as "[t]hey have a big official website gorillamusic.com where you can see all the cities the giant Gorilla head is taking over," "paying attention to detail doesn't seem to be their strong suit," "...working hard and working hard for Gorilla are two different things," or "[d]oesn't it seem sort of strange for a beer company to be sponsoring an all-ages battle?  Just a thought," simply do not rise to an "intentionally harmful" level, even under a prima facie standard.  (Motion to Dismiss, Exhibit C.6). 

In addition, NPTP's wry comments are almost completely focused on Gorilla's actions outside of Ohio - Gorilla hires employees and books concerts in cities primarily outside of Ohio, and has specifically reached out to Washington State to conduct business and hire local employees to set up each concert.  Gorilla has even asked Defendants to perform at Gorilla concerts in Washington State.

Defendant (Von Wheelie) created a passive "gripe site" that is intended to inform readers about Gorilla and similar companies.  There can be no dispute that NPTP does not target Ohio readers over others.  NPTP talks almost exclusively about Gorilla's contacts outside of Ohio.

Gorilla's response fails to show that NPTP creates jurisdiction based on defamation, invasion of privacy, or any of its other claims.  Gorilla agrees that NPTP is "not actionable" without other acts tying Defendants to Ohio.  Gorilla has failed to provide any evidence of additional acts.  Thus, NPTP does not create jurisdiction over Defendants under Ohio statute.  Even if the statements at issue are presumed to be defamatory or otherwise tortuous under Ohio law (they are not), due process considerations prevent the assertion of jurisdiction over defendants in this case.  For the foregoing reasons, Defendants respectfully request that this Court dismiss Plaintiff's Complaint and Amended Complaint, with prejudice. 

Stay tuned to the Weekly Volcano for continued coverage of the ongoing legal battle between Gorilla Productions and Tacoma's Girl Trouble.

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