MORNING SPEW: "F" vuvuzelas, general down, your solar flare app won't work in 2013 ...

By Volcano Staff on June 15, 2010


Who Knew?: A woman dies after she receives lungs from a 30-year smoker.

A sign?: A 62-foot-tall, $250,000 statue of Jesus outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, was struck by lightening last night and burned to the ground.

Gen. David Petraeus passes out in the middle of a Senate hearing. We would too.

Californian construction worker Gary Brooks Faulkner, 52, traveled to Pakistan with night-vision goggles, a pistol and a 40-inch sword to kill Osama bin Laden. He was detained by Pakistani authorities on Sunday, but suspiciously allowed on an American flight.

Hate the constant humming while watching the World Cup? It's just vuvuzelas, you're not going insane. Get an anti-vuvuzela filter to cancel out the noise.

NASA says a massive storm of solar flares will hit around 2013, which could fuck up a lot of electronics.