Weekly Volcano Twitter Stalker

By Volcano Staff on June 30, 2010

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Just like most good, new-age, social media applications, Twitter allows people to share and be privy to once personal, almost wholly pointless information about peoples' lives. It's seemingly endless. While Twitter is mostly full of everyday, ho-hum people - just like you and me, sharing info about what type of oatmeal we ate for breakfast and where we get our hair cut - Twitter is also a magnet for the moderately-famous.

Stars of yesterday, illiterate millionaire athletes, former cast members of Saved By the Bell - you can follow them all, intimately, on Twitter.

But, you've got standards. We get that.

That's why we'll do it for you, in a feature we like to call Weekly Volcano Twitter Stalker.

Today, checking in with...

Bryan Adams

June 25: Oooohhhhh Bryan Adams is still alive

"Went to see Pearl Jam tonight in London, Hyde Park, what a great night..." 4:48 p.m., via web

June 23: Boom! Bryan Adams takes no shit via Twitter

"Message to Ryan Murphy / Glee: Please stop telling the press I rejected your show, when we've NEVER spoken. Be polite and pick up the phone." 5:41 p.m., via web

June 4: In Canada, this is considered really fancy

"Here is a shot of a guitar/piano set up at the Warehouse Studio...my studio in Canada :)" 6:46 a.m., via Twitpic

May 23: So many possible jokes...

"Post show band meeting, Denmark 2010" 5:46 a.m., via Twitpic

Tune in tomorrow for more  hot Twitter Stalking action from the Weekly Volcano.