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June 14, 2010 at 5:20pm

Cruising for art

Gregory Fricker designed the art for the ART BUS tour this Thursday.

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This Thursday, after you've picked up a free and excellent - if I do say so myself - entertainment weekly. After you've checked out the stories - including the cover story on Tacoma's Hempfest. After you've read the reviews. After you found out where DeRosa got drunk last week. After you've gotten some expert sex advice. What's a person to do after all that?

Jump on the freakin' ART BUS!

ART BUS is a bus tour of Tacoma's fringe art scene during Third Thursday Artwalk. The Tour begins at Speakeasy Arts Cooperative at 5 p.m. but passengers can board anywhere along the tour. Rider buttons are $10, this month designed by Speakeasy Arts Cooperative member Gregory Fricker (see art above).

Here's Thursday's route:

  • 5:00-5:30 PM - Round 1: Speakeasy Arts Cooperative, 746 Broadway St. 
  • 5:35-5:45 PM - Round 1: Brownie Morrison, 711 St. Helens Ave. #104
  • 5:55-6:05 PM - Round 1: Tacoma Art Place, 1116 S. 11th
  • 6:10-6:20 PM - Round 1: 253 Collective, 1901 S. Jefferson
  • 6:25-6:35 PM - Round 1: Madera Architectural Elements, 2210 Court A
  • 6:40-6:50 PM - Round 1: Mad Hat Tea Co., 1130 Commerce St.

  • 6:55-7:05 PM - Round 2: Peabody Waldorf, 745 Broadway
  • 7:10-7:20 PM - Round 2: Sanford & Son Antiques Middle Floor Merchants, 743 Broadway
  • 7:25-7:35 PM - Round 2: Smooth & Juicey, 1122 Market St.,
  • 7:40-7:50 PM - Round 2: Fulcrum, 1308 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
  • 7:55-8:05 PM - Round 2: The Swiss, 1904 Jefferson Ave.
  • 8:10-8:20 PM - Round 2: Tacoma Art Supply, 1552 Commerce St. #101
  • 8:25-8:35 PM - Round 2: urbanXchange, 1932 Pacific Ave.
  • 8:40-9:00 PM - LAST STOP: Speakeasy Arts Cooperative, 746 Broadway St.

The start and stop times are not an exact science. "We make every effort to stay on time but ‘shop' happens," explains ART BUS Capt. Angela Jossy.

Jossy also mentions that there will be a special silent auction at the 253 Collective with a portion of the proceeds going to Tacoma Art Place that night. And Jennevieve Schlemmer is having a special art show at Madera Architectural Elements Thursday night.

Grab a 10 spot, and plot your jump on point. It's a fun, relaxing way to check out the art during Third Thursday Artwalk.

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Angela Jossy said on Jun. 14, 2010 at 11:27pm

Mad Hat Tea Company will be celebrating Daniel Blue's birthday/going away party that night with music by Andrew Sherbrook and new art by Maureen McHugh. Since the party doesn't start until 7 pm, we've swapped their timeslot with Smooth & Juicey's.

Confused yet? Yeah, welcome to my world. Just get on the bus, does it really matter where its going or when? We're gonna have fun no matter what!

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