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June 2, 2010 at 8:43am

Tap Night Tacoma coming soon


Recognizing the burgeoning craft beer market in the Tacoma area, five local watering holes - The Red Hot, The Parkway Tavern, Doyle's Public House, The Swiss, and Meconi's Pub & Eatery ­- will join forces for a monthly beer event, beginning June 14.  Every second Monday of the month, the five locally owned and operated joints will simultaneously tap a fresh cask of ale at 6 p.m. then yell "Tap Night Tacoma is on!"

Why have a Tap Night Tacoma?

"To introduce people to more styles of beer," explains Chris "Trashcan" Miller, owner of The Red Hot on Sixth Avenue.  "At The Red Hot we offer cask conditioned ale all the time.  More and more people are gaining knowledge in the fact that cask ale is not ‘warm, flat beer,' as it is typically stereotyped.  I now have strictly cask customers.  The cask ale our local (and not so local) breweries are producing is top-notch fresh.  And ridiculously delicious.  The five local pubs are just trying to turn people on to different kinds of craft beer, and have some fun while doing it."

The five joints also want to build community. They share the same customer base. Instead of scrapping over who is on whose team, they'll exist as a larger community of businesses that refer people to each other.  

"If someone is looking for a certain beer that we don't have on, but I know the Parkway does, we send them over there," Miller adds.  "And vice-versa.  It's not a one-way street.  We value our customers, and that goes beyond just our front door."

The five businesses have already decided what casks they'll tap for the first Tap Night Tacoma: The Red Hot will tap Schooner Exact Brewing Special Edition 253-Grid IPA, The Parkway will unleash Two Beers Brewing Dry-Hopped Evolutionary IPA, Doyle's will pour Belhaven Wee Heavy, The Swiss will serve Hales Supergoose IPA and Meconi's will tap the Schooner Exact Brewing 3-Grid IPA.

The special promotion is a logical move as chain restaurants are ramping up their craft beer offerings.

"I live here, my employees live here, and I try to keep my dollars as close to home as I can.  I don't think that's such a hard idea to get behind," says Miller.  "It only helps out your neighbor, and your local businesses. This idea sprang from just a few guys turning over ideas over a pint.  We all knew each other; we'd all networked with each other before, so we figured we'd give it a go as a group.  It's a fantastic social gathering all over town.  It's just fun."

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June 2, 2010 at 10:10am

MORNING SPEW: Gored, Vulcans, dumb inventors, Lady Gaga ...


After announcing his divorce CNN accidently publishes Al Gore's personal email address. Who would have thought the Clintons would be the ones to last?

President Obama has announced a criminal investigation into the oil spill to see whether BP committed any crimes. Totally not a PR move.

100 years after his death, Mark Twain's memoirs will soon be published.

How to live like a lunkhead Vulcan.

Ten inventors killed by their own inventions.

The best moments from Lady Gaga's Larry king Live appearance.

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June 3, 2010 at 6:40am

5 Things To Do: Acoustic Open Stage, world's largest swim lesson, live radio play ...

Kim Archer hosts the Tempest Lounge's new acoustic open mic night.

THURSDAY, JUNE 3, 2010 >>>

1. The Tempest Lounge kicks off its Thursday night Acoustic Open Stage event at 7 p.m. with hosts Kim Archer and Nick sandy. If you play an acoustic instrument and sing - show them what you got. Acoustic groups are welcome.

2. Wild Waves Theme Park will host the world's largest swimming lesson at 7 a.m. Keep those elbows high people.

3. Washington artists Clarissa Callesen and Ruby Re-Usable (aka Diane Kurzyna) featured in the book Who's Your Dada? Redefining the Doll through Mixed Media will discuss their artistic process at 7:30 p.m. inside the Olympia Timberland Library.

4. The Pierce County Arts Commission celebrates its 25th anniversary with a party that includes a presentation of the President's Awards to Pierce County Councilwoman Barbara Gelman, Elida Kirk Lathrop, Arts Downtown Puyallup and others, beginning at 5:30 p.m. inside the Pierce County Community Development building at 3602 Pacific Ave.

5. The Lakewood Playhouse hosts the live radio play Hard-Boiled Detectives: From the Surreal to the Sublime! featuring Sam Danger, Dan Turner and Philip Marlowe, plus wine, beer and hors d'oeuvres, at 7 p.m.

LINK: More arts and entertainment events in the South Sound

June 3, 2010 at 6:53am

SHORT ORDER: BBQ wines, deck party, fondue deal ...


Grillin' And Chillin': Azarra Salon & Wine in Tacoma hosts a West Texas-style brisket and watermelon feta salad and summer barbecue wine tasting from 5-7 p.m.

Funshine Deck Celebration: Salty's at Redondo Beach's Deck Opening Party carries a luau theme with a Hawaiian-style buffet fetauring Executive Chef Gabe Cabrera grilling on the deck and specialty cocktails from 5-8 p.m.

Three-Course Dip: The Melting Pot in downtown Tacoma offers a three-course meal with wine for $35 per person every Thursday in June.

Future Things Are Coming: The Harmon Tap Room Grand Opening Party will be held Friday, June 4 beginning at 4 p.m.

Food Matters: Slate investigates how humans can be trained to avoid unhealthy foods.

LINK: South Sound happy hours

LINK: Restaurant coupons

LINK: South Sound Restaurant Guide

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June 3, 2010 at 6:53am

ARTS BEAT: Harlequin Productions, Neddy Artist Fellowship, "Plaza Suite," "Splice"

"PLAZA SUITE": Mustaches were as sexy in 1968 as they are today.

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June 3, 2010 at 7:31am

I Defy is having more fun than ever

I Defy, photo by Danston Photography


Late one night in an unassuming alley in downtown Tacoma I met up with the lead singer for I Defy, Jason McKibbin. He led me into the old practice pad the band calls home. It was much as I suspected: cluttered with beer cans, gear, and wall-to-wall memorabilia. Fifteen years of history, and a testament to I Defy's dedication and determination.

Sorting through the memories and band members is complicated for this band, even for those who lived through them. It started back in 1995 when drummer Ben Nix arrived in the Northwest via Alaska. It was his vision that inspired the inception of I Defy. In its infancy, the band played anywhere they could, eventually becoming a somewhat notorious punk band lurking on the fringes of the Tacoma scene. Through sheer perseverance and a never-say-die attitude, the band built a following and stayed the course through lineup changes and the trials of life.

The current lineup is McKibbin, Nix, Damien Simard on bass, Johnny C. on guitar, Carl Zook on guitar - and the most recent addition, Shug Lewis rounding out the band on third guitar.

"Shug has really stepped up what we have been able to do," McKibbin explains. "We have fewer musical limitations than ever".

I Defy seems to be having more fun than ever before, too; and that is saying a lot. They will be the first to tell you their recent enthusiasm is largely due to the overwhelming support of their fans.

"We never would have made it to SXSW if it weren't for our fans," Nix comments.

"Not just our local fans either, people all over the country we connected with showed their support in a big way," added McKibbin.

I Defy shows no sign of letting up any time soon. At the end of June the band is scheduled to record songs for their next release, a DVD is in postproduction, they have a track on the upcoming Tacoma Skate Compilation, and the band has also hinted at a possible split 7".

All this and more shows than you could imagine.

Most notably, I Defy will play Hell's Kitchen June 5 with American Wrecking Company, South Kitsap Infidels, Godspit, Sargent D and the Accused headlining.

"This is our fourth or fifth time playing with the Accused and it's always been a blast," says McKibbin. "It gets better every time. You won't see another show this intense."

I Defy

With The Accused, Godspit, Sargent D, and South Kitsap Infidels
Saturday, June 5, 9 p.m., $7
Hell's Kitchen, 928 Pacific Ave., Tacoma

June 4, 2010 at 7:02am

5 Things To Do: Speak Your Soul, Walk Tacoma, Harmon Tap Room party, Hell's Belles ...

Zach Street will have something to say tonight at The den.

FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 2010 >>>

1. While you may never become America's Next Top Poet  - maybe you would enjoy checking out the monthly Speak Your Soul open mic - this month setting up shop at the event's new location, The Den @ urbanXchange. Held the first Friday of every month - tonight's Speak Your Soul poetry open mic will feature Speak Your Soul founder Zach Street, host 6 Deep the Messenger, and whoever signs up. The all-ages event begins at 8 p.m.

2. Downtown: On the Go! and partners will introduce five new Walk Tacoma downtown walking maps during a lunchtime walking event from 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Waterfront Amphitheater on the waterfront side of the Museum of Glass and Albers Mill. Enjoy a healthy lunch (free for the first 50 pedestrians), music, a goodie bag full of giveaways, and a brief interpretive walk along one of the five new walking map routes.

3. The Harmon Tap Room's Grand Opening Party features live music (4-7 p.m.) and drink specials from 4-10 p.m.

4. When Olympia and public access television combine, well, the results can be downright spectacular - or, at the very least, pretty entertaining to watch when you're high. So is the story of Dance Oly Dance, the famed Thurston County TV (TCTV) show that features gyrating, Olympia absurdity at 8 p.m. Basically, TCTV invites people down to dance, DJ PhilosoBitch spins music, and captures what happens next on film - broadcasting it out to the masses via cable television. It's awesome.

5. Hell's Belles, The Day Brothers and Bug Girl play Hell's Kitchen beginning at 9 p.m.

LINK: New movies open today

June 4, 2010 at 9:15am

Kid Rocks returns to the Puyallup Fair


The former Mr. Pamela Andrerson's good-humored salutes to his own cocksmanship, not to mention his skill at Xeroxing classic boogie, won't entirely offset occasional pretensions toward relevance when he revisits the Puyallup Fair Sunday, Sept. 26 at 7:30 p.m.  Two years ago Kid Rock and his wack pack - including Rev. Run of Run-DMC - packed the Puyallup Fair Grandstand, performing songs of his Rock N Roll Jesus album.

The tickets - $40-$85 - to go on sale on Saturday, June 12, at 9 a.m. through the Fair and Ticketmaster.

June 4, 2010 at 10:31am

Weekly Volcano Twitter Stalker

The Weekly Volcano follows the people you're too embarrassed to >>>

Just like most good, new-age, social media applications, Twitter allows people to share and be privy to once personal, almost wholly pointless information about peoples' lives. It's seemingly endless. While Twitter is mostly full of everyday, ho-hum people - just like you and me, sharing info about what type of oatmeal we ate for breakfast and where we get our hair cut - Twitter is also a magnet for the moderately-famous.

Stars of yesterday, illiterate millionaire athletes, former cast members of Saved By the Bell - you can follow them all, intimately, on Twitter.

But, you've got standards. We get that.

That's why we'll do it for you, in a feature we like to call Weekly Volcano Twitter Stalker.

This week, checking in with...

Debbie Gibson

June 4: Debbie Gibson plays BIG shows

"In front of Parliment! Loooove it...can't wait!" via Twitpic, 7:23 a.m.

May 7: Debbie Gibson diversifies

"I'm a Tommy Model!" via Twitpic, 9:23 p.m.

May 6: Debbie Gibson is random as fuck

"I love my friend Lance Bass!" via txt, 2:11 p.m.

Tune in next week for more Twitter Stalking action from the Weekly Volcano

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June 4, 2010 at 11:01am

SideBar Bistro opens in Tacoma

SideBar Bistro's main dining space


A new restaurant has arrived on Tacoma Avenue South, in Red Kelly's old spot near the County-City Building. The restaurant is the SideBar Bistro - note the legal theme - with cherry wood furniture, slate floors, fixtures that look as though they came from Restoration Hardware and three meals a day. JoAnna and Tom Irick - who also own Hot Rod Dog, with locations on Pacific Avenue and next door to their new venture - quietly opened the SideBar Bistro Tuesday, which features Northwest-ish dishes, a full bar, an espresso machine and a gorgeous view of the mountains. So far, the clientele has been mostly neighboring attorneys, but the SideBar has plans to ease into their place in Tacoma's restaurant scene. Tom's years watching his father's restaurant businesses in Alaska, his experience selling wine and his experiences owning Hot Rod Dog have taught him patience - and the desire to do things correctly.

Breakfast, served until 11 a.m., features $3.95 steel cut Irish oatmeal, a $4.75 grilled breakfast panini with Black Forest ham, smoked turkey or bacon, $3.95 Belgian waffle with fresh strawberries, $4.25 quiche, as well as a $3.45 granola parfait and $2.45 bagel with cream cheese. Pastries from Essential Baking Co. are available, too.

Lunch, which should be very popular due to the high-traffic in and out of the Country-City Building, consists of nine sandwiches - with a tenth option of building your own - five salads, and soups.

Currently, dinner only has five options: grilled vegetable ravioli ($15.99), chicken Caesar salad ($11.99), SideBar lasagna ($16.99), walnut apple chicken salad ($12.99), French dip sandwich ($10.99) and a chicken pot pie with puff pastry ($12.99). The Iricks intend to add more dishes soon.

Down the long dining room and a dogleg right sits a small bar with two flatscreen televisions. All your favorite booze options sit on the shelves, with three micro brews on tap, eight wine whites, 12 reds, three sparkling wines and two dessert wines.  The 2005 Volker Eisele Cabernet tops the wine list at $85. Most bottles are priced between $21 and $29.

The SideBar happy hour is in its infant stage with a dollar off wells, wine glasses and drafts from 3-6 p.m. Monday-Friday. Happy hour food specials currently don't exist, but half portions of their four appetizer options, which includes the tasty SideBar nachos, are offered.

As my meal concluded, I found myself looking around and trying to imagine where I was sitting in relation to Red Kelly's old jazz joint. I think I was in one of the holes in the old vinyl booth bench.

The SideBar Bistro isn't the dark cave that Kelly's was, but rather a classy, modern space that undoubtly will be the birth spot for many business deals. It'll be interesting to see if people are willing to travel off the beaten path to a slightly dodgy part of town to pay $11-$17 for dinner entrees. I hope so.

SideBar Bistro

7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday-Friday
Corner of 11th and Tacoma Avenue South, Tacoma
Phone number not listed

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