Daddy wants some 253 ESB

By Ron Swarner on June 14, 2010


When someone tells you that theirs is the coolest Father's Day gift, you tend to scoff and say thanks but no thanks, that on June 20, you and your father plan to take turns punching each other in the shoulders as hard as you can, and then you'll go eat wings at Hooters, like you do every year.

Hey Lug Head, Pat Nagle, managing partner of Tacoma's Harmon Brewery Company Empire, has a better gift your father. He's release 60 cases of his new 253 ESB brew just in time for Dad's Day. Beginning Wednesday, he'll bottle the 60 cases, as well as 60 cases of his IPA, available to be picked up at his new Harmon Tap Room after 2 p.m. The price is $40 a case.

Order yours today at 253.267.5057. They'll be hitting the store shelves sometime in July.

Coolest Father's Day gift, indeed.