MORNING SPEW: National Hairball Awareness Day, queer wildlife

By Volcano Staff on April 27, 2010


Not even kidding here, folks. Today is National Hairball Awareness Day. Did you know that it's not just cats that get hairballs? Your pet goat also gets them. So do kids who complusively eat hair. Bezoars, as they were called, used to be cherished, and would be set with jewelry. They can also be made of nondigestible food, like celery (celery?!?) or gum (don't swallow gum!).

Today in queer wildlife news

Emerson died on this day in 1882. 

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico continues to grow and expand.

Dude robs a Nebraska convenience store with his head wrapped in toilet paper.

Daily Star Pulled From Airports Over Volcano Ash Splash