Smooth and Juicey and Satellite and me

By Jennifer Johnson on February 2, 2010


Last night after a short speech Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland performed the time honored act of ribbon cutting at the downtown Tacoma Smooth and Juicey/Satellite Coffee Grand Opening celebration. Large picture windows lined with counters, swivel stools and a stand-up bar occupy the street-facing building front.

Attendees enjoyed French press Satellite coffee; tasty treats Masa style, and antioxidant rich Smooth and Juicey juice blends and über delicious smoothies. I found the naturally sweet Coco Loco smoothie made of banana, coconut, chocolate syrup, ice cream, dates and cold espresso the closest thing to guiltless dessert.

Across the aisle, Satellite Coffee - its third location in Tacoma - kicked up a symphony of its own-espresso machine awhirl with the fresh grinding of Stumptown beans into silky dark grounds while frothing milk gurgles. Teas from Remedy (Seattle) were in the mix, as well as tasty pastries.

I noticed a few changes since Smooth and Juicey opened Jan. 3 of this year. Wheat grass shots, Myoplex drinks, beef and ostrich sticks, protein bars, and canned energy drinks are now available. For the fitness freaks, Smooth and Juicy co-creator Patricia Lecy-Davis told me posted nutritional information will be added soon.

Thane Davis (Smooth and Juicey visionary) promised outdoor tables and benches corralled by patio fencing salvaged from the old Jillian's will be installed shortly for those interested in lingering.

Smooth and Juicey - yes, that's how they're spelling it - has a new Web site:

[Smooth and Juicey/Satellite Coffee, 1122 Market St., Tacoma, 253.365.6706]