What's on tap

By Matt Driscoll on February 1, 2010


It's a new week - and a new month, even - and it's a Monday. Some things never change. Cyclical monotony. Here we go again. ...

Say, did you hear Rick Talbert is running for a seat on the Pierce County Council?

Here's a look at what's coming up, musically speaking, in this week's Volcano.


I promised you last week that I was trying to track down Lino Fernandez of Bandolier to get the scoop on why the band announced prior to last Saturday's show at The New Frontier that it'd be their last in Tacoma, "maybe ever."

Well, Fernandez got back to me, and here's what's up:

"Ann is moving away and Paul (our drummer) is stepping down at the end of March. I'm not totally sure what's gonna happen," wrote Fernandez in a Facebook message. "It may take a long time to solidify another line-up. We're playing a couple more shows in Seattle and after that, who knows."


Later this afternoon I'm expecting a call from Metal Sanaz, who will be hosting a balls-to-the-wall metal show this Friday at Hell's Kitchen with Church of Hate, De-Krep-It, Helles, Under the Red Door, Devils of Loudon and Hellfyre Empyre. Sanaz, of course, has interviewed just about every goatee in the metal business, and holds her own with any head-banger out there - so this could be interesting. Sanaz is likely to leave me in a puddle of man tears, emasculating me beyond recognition, tail between my legs and huddled in a corner.

Or it could go just swimmingly.

Either way we'll be posting the interview here on Spew later this week.


Purveyors of Tacoma garage, the Coloffs are a mystery to many. We'll expose this band - that everyone should know - in Thursday's paper.


At first I thought this was an STD you could pick up in the South Pacific. Later, Rev. Adam McKinney set me straight. Turns out it's a Tacoma college band worth keeping an eye out. McKinney will give readers of Thursday's paper the whole scoop, but here's a taste of what Electric Minge has to offer according to McKinney:

"Electric Minge is a band that revels in the spirit of classic rock, placing an emphasis on solid songwriting over the more common college band tendency for self-conscious and distracting style. It's substantial, is what I mean to say. Good old-fashioned rock ‘n' roll delivered with youthful exuberance. They even sound relaxed, like they've got this shit down."


Pioneers West, Loaded for Bear, The Dirty Birds, and Stop the Madness at Hell's Kitchen will all make cameos in this week's Volcano.