Grand leadership opportunity

By weeklyvolcano on November 2, 2009


Fist Since most people dig talking about films they seen, it's a natural thing to lead a movie discussion. Every generation and every culture tells stories that embody their deepest convictions, hopes, and fears, and the stories of the postmodern generation are found in movies. Leading a film discussion is a perfect way to talk naturally about the things that matter most.

The Grand Cinema is seeking to expand their network of film enthusiasts to lead weekend film discussions. The Weekly Volcano grabbed the scoop from Emily Alm, director of communications at The Grand.

WEEKLY VOLCANO: What are the requirements to be a film discussion leader? Do you need a film degree from UCLA?

EMILY ALM: Ha ha ha, no degree required. We have a small group of discussion leaders that are passionate about film in general. Some individuals are more likely to step forward to certain kinds of films, which is a nice bonus. Basically, we just want to have discussion leaders that can do just that â€" feel comfortable leading a conversation in front of a group (could be two to 20 people), and have some interesting insights about film.

VOLCANO: How long are the film discussions?

ALM: Film discussions last as long as people want to talk. They gather in our lower lobby after the film ends and any conversation topic can be thrown into the mix. They typically last about an hour, but we don't have any limit or minimum.

VOLCANO: Have there ever been heated debates that carried out into the lobby?

ALM: I haven't heard of any outrageous heated debate stemming from a film discussion, but once in a while a film comes along that sparks debate no matter what. Depending on who's present (facilitating or otherwise), some good and differing conversations and points of view have been swapped back and forth.

VOLCANO: Does the discussion leader receive free admission and free popcorn?

ALM: They typically receive free admission, but not free popcorn, unless they're a Grand Cinema member.

VOLCANO: Is there an upcoming film that you would kill to have a discussion leader?

ALM: Oh boy … it's hard to pick just one. We do have a soccer film, The Damned United, scheduled to open November 13. This film could potentially appeal to individuals with such related interests or experiences â€" and it's a little different niche than the films we usually play. Really we'd "kill" to have a leader for every film that we play, and the chance for a variety of facilitators to participate.
If you are interested in leading film discussions at The Grand, send Emily Alm an e-mail at

And what's the worst that can happen? You meet with a group of strangers and argue about a movie that escalates into a fight, which leads to you losing your job because you made your boss’ spouse cry. There are worse things in life.