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November 13, 2009 at 11:19am

TOMORROW: Jen Elek and CUD at Traver


TRAVER Traver Gallery Tacoma hosts an opening reception tomorrow for two exhibits that will run through Dec. 6.  Seattle Artist Jen Elek will show her first solo show with Traver, Signals, that “draws on the countless messages received in daily life and the role of color in their transmission,” according to a press release. The second show is American Glass: How Soon Is Now? a show by CUD, aka John Drury and Robbie Miller that offers altered photographs, paints, blown glass, sand-castings, prints, mosaic and unorthodox combinations of all of the above.

For a complete description of both shows, visit the Traver Gallery Web site.

The reception is Saturday, Nov. 14 from 4-7 p.m.

[Traver Gallery, 1821 Dock St., #100, Tacoma, 253.383.3685]

Photo: Butchgirl #9, blown glass, by Jen Elek

November 13, 2009 at 7:39pm

KUPS gets a Woodie


Mtvu College radio can be an uncut gem - a diamond in the rough. College towns throughout the nation have embraced the aura of this media outlet where students can uncover and share a whole world of music, opinion, and news with as many people as their signal towers can reach.

The "gem" tag certainly fits the University of Puget Sound radio station KUPS. Today, as the students behind the North Tacoma radio station were busy filing records and socking each other in the arm arguing over the best Elliott Smith song, an MTV cameraman burst into the studio and New York DJ Matt Pinfield slapped a big winner sticker on their microphone.

Yup, KUPS won the 2009 mtvU Radio Woodie.

According to a press release, "KUPS beat out about 300 of its peers as the top U.S. college radio station, after it garnered the most votes from college students nationwide. The award from MTV college television network mtvU recognizes college radio stations for their role in championing independent artists before they achieve mainstream success. Quite a number of artists who made their first breakthrough on college radio have later found national fame."

That's so snug. Congrats to the entire staff behind KUPS. Tune in to MTV on Friday, Dec. 4 to watch the students score the award.

Enjoy these links:  

LINK: Previously on Spew

LINK: What the hell is mtvU?

LINK: KUPS is boss

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November 14, 2009 at 6:54am

Specials, 10 best food movies


Weekend Pork Special: Primo Grill will use Cheryl Ouellette's local pork for slow roasted pulled pork with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and caper mint salsa verde.

Moctezuma's: For a limited time, the Tacoma Mexican restaurant will be offering a $7 two-item combo meal and $3 Classico margaritas.

Plan Ahead: Asado offers a winemaker's social and paired tasting with Gramercy Cellars Wednesday, Nov. 18 at 6:30 p.m. The cost is $65. Reservations needed.

Food For Thought: The 10 best food movies

LINK: Weekly Volcano's Eat & Drink section

LINK: South Sound Restaurant Guide

LINK: South Sound Happy Hours

LINK: Wine and beer tastings

LINK: South Sound coupons

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November 14, 2009 at 7:55am

5 Things To Do: Saturday


11-14-5-things-2 1. Maestro Christophe Chagnard of the Northwest Sinfonietta and Maestro Harvey Felder of the Tacoma Symphony Orchestra together present Mozart Meets Beethoven - an all out battle - in tuxedos at 7:30 p.m. inside the Rialto Theater.

2. King's Book's Open House and Poetry Marathon will feature 15 renowned poets reading their poems along with two open mic sessions from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

3. Art And Kimonos - featuring art by Lynn Farren, Sarah Utter and Karen Utter, plus a vintage kimono sale - will be held from noon to 4 p.m. at Fibers Etc. in downtown Tacoma.

4. The Tacoma Art Museum presents "Redefining Northwest Art," a panel lecture on how the history, geography, and diverse cultures of the region have influenced the art of the Northwest from 1:30-4 p.m.

5. Doxology, Ben Union, and Roman Holiday play an 8 p.m. show at Jazzbones.

November 14, 2009 at 8:05am

Art at Work: Arts Symposium, FootFalls

Art at Work Month: Saturday, Nov. 14

November 2009 marks the eighth anniversary of Art at Work: Tacoma Arts Month. There is something for everyone to enjoy throughout the month: lectures, music, dance performances, readings, workshops, theater performances, visual art exhibits and more.

Here are today’s highlights:

The fourth annual Arts Symposium, an almost free event dedicated to providing local artists and arts organizations with nuts and bolts information in order to become and remain successful in the arts, will be held from 9 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. in Wyatt Hall at the University of Puget Sound.

The BareFoot Collective presents Tacoma choreographers Kate Stricker and Stephanie Pederson production of FootFalls at 8 p.m. at the Jan Collum Ballroom.

Dance Theatre Northwest presents a festival holiday dance performance at 7 p.m. inside Narrows Glen at 8201 Sixth Ave.

There are many more events today. For a complete Art at Work schedule, click here.

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November 14, 2009 at 12:24pm

Night Moves: Motopony, The Drug Purse, $2000 Puma, Jerry Miller, Doxology, Joshua Cain Band, Dom Pachino


Volcanocover300-10-29 Don’t know what to do tonight? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Daniel Blue and Motopony will be at Urban Grace in Tacoma debuting a new record along with Goldfinch, Indian Valley Line and Barton Carroll at 8 p.m.

If you’re dazzled by small-town scenester degeneration in slow motion, The Drug Purse, is your best bet tonight. They are joined by Basemint, Head Bangs, and Spectacular Optical at 8 p.m. inside The Den @ urbanXchange.

$2,000 Puma’s music possesses the intense propulsion of great rock ‘n’ roll. Check them out with Sugar Beats and Polka Dot Dot Dot at 9 p.m. inside Bob’s Java Jive.

Moby Grape guitarist Jerry Miller will play a free show at Doyle’s Public House at 9 p.m.

Doxology’s energized and engaging live shows have been winning fans over since the band’s creation in 2004, and the band’s updated approach to crafting bigger than life pop has won over more than a few ears. Check them out tonight with Ben Union, and Roman Holiday at 8 p.m. inside Jazzbones.

The Joshua Cain Band delivers swampy, gospel-inspired roots rock at its best. They are joined by Aces Up, Austin Jenckes, Hartwood and Shotgun Kitchen at 9 p.m. inside Hell’s Kitchen.

Dom Pachino and Bomshot are out promoting Dom Pachino's new solo Project Tera.Iz Him album with a hip-hop show at 9 p.m. inside The Clipper in Olympia.

LINK: More shows in the South South tonight

LINK: Concert Alert

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November 14, 2009 at 12:55pm

Boos and ewws in Olympia


Bugcrush-1 The man parks his black car in front of a white building, pulls a blue cooler out of the backseat, and sits down. Who - or what - is he waiting for? I wonder. And how much of this movie have I already missed?

Luckily, the only bad luck to befall me yesterday, Friday the 13th (beside the requisite Jason Voorhees slasherthon on TBS), involved arriving several minutes late to the Capitol Theater, home to yesterday afternoon's "Demonic Possession and Unhealthy Obsessions: Horror Shorts Showcase" (catchy title) - part of the Olympia Film Festival. A theater volunteer at Will Call further aggravated my tardiness, confusing my name with Missus (or possibly Mister or Doctor) Cunt Catalyst.

No worries - I get that a lot.

The aforementioned man belongs to This is the Place, the first work screened. His name is Simon, and Simon kills people. Two ditzy gals give this silent journeyman a ride - will their road trip derail into terror? When chicks like this spew inanities like "I wanna fuck Keith Richards," a pointy object through the jugular seems only imminent - and welcome.

Depression getting you down? Try Side Effects May Include, a parody infomercial guaranteed to brighten your spirits with disturbing imagery and a warped soundtrack. WARNING: The film's classic moment, that of a man brushing his teeth with a (gulp) razor, may cause nausea.

The dusks of Lay Me Down have a sweet bluish tint, the mornings a tranquil and loving orange - I find unsettling the hypnotic beauty behind Shinako Sudo's film. That repeated shot of a boy gleefully running through prairie grass could only give way to a finale of domestic horror.

Family issues resurface in Fallow, when a farmer must present some god of the woods or something with a human sacrifice to ensure a bountiful harvest. Impaling your pregnant wife with a shovel? Not cool. But don't worry, he gets his comeuppance - his mutated face starts growing corn! Wicked just turned wickedly awesome.

Yesterday's weakest offering, Boy Chemical Girl had viewers sitting through some 18 minutes of convoluted story about strangers walking around a park and meeting at a bench for some chitchat. Then the girl's hammer and the guy's skull make their own connection. Yikes. This film had me literally squirming in my seat, but more from boredom than fright.

The experimental Antivirgen 1: Chi Sei? has a plot befitting its nonsensical title: after sex with a pair of hairy two-eyed monsters, a mother delivers her newest, most unholy creation. Basically, get ready for a psychedelic mishmash of Linda Blair-ish head spins, sacrilegious iconography and spewing vomit.

Hmm, I've used "spew" twice now in this Spew post.

The last piece, Bugcrush, combines two visions of The Other: venomous insects and homosexuals. Awkward teen Ben falls for bad boy (smoker!) Grant, a new arrival at the high school. Then bugs invade their courtship, and writer-director Carter Smith's work makes it hard to look away. When viewers have no choice but to confront the disturbing and grotesque in both reality and imagination, a filmmaker of horror succeeds.

On a side note, today is the last day of the Olympia Film Festival. Check out today's action here.

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November 15, 2009 at 10:43am

Sinful cinema


Thedevils “This film is based upon historical fact,” an opening title card sternly informs viewers to the sound of rumbling drums. The next shot reveals an empty stage, on which a scantily clad man emerges from a giant seashell. His audience: from the looks of his blood-red robe, I assume a member of papal authority. And the actor is â€" who else? â€" the French king. To quote L.P. Hartley: “The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there.”

They sure do.

For its last night, The Olympia Film Festival dug up The Devils, a controversial work by UK director Ken Russell. Adapted from an Aldous Huxley novel, its graphic depiction of 17th century Europe shocked audiences upon its release in 1971. (The same year, in fact, that filmmaker Stanley Kubrick unleashed his eyes-widening British dystopia, A Clockwork Orange.) Both films present us with scoundrels finding themselves brutalized by the system, and both contain powerfully subversive content that continues to surprise nearly four decades later.

Devils takes place in Loudon, a hamlet rife with plague and religious hypocrisy. The polished white brick walls that fortify the village only magnify the evils within. Formidable Brit actor Oliver Reed plays the lead. I remember Reed as the gravelly Bill Sikes in Oliver!, and he gives another spellbinding performance this time as Father Grandier. Sporting his own Snidely Whiplash ‘stash, Grandier sees no problem with hearing confessions from his many female admirers one minute and bedding them the next.

Even the nuns whispering inside the convent across town lust after this priestly playboy, particularly Sister Jeanne (Vanessa Redgrave). Don’t let her pristine habit fool you â€" behind her angelic face beats a heart of evil. Her sexual fantasies of Grandier show him walking on water and enduring crucifixion. In a word: cuckoo! Redgrave cackles like a witch and lurks around the cloister like Quasimodo. (A humpback none-too-subtly demonstrates her seriously skewed view on reality.) Her mad obsession ultimately leads to his execution and Loudon’s destruction.

Every scene has an unrelenting intensity. In more ways than one Russell’s work is truly a cinema of the sensual, the camera magnifying every spasmodic jerk of Jeanne’s neck, every tear on Grandier’s face so that we come to almost feel these marks of pain and longing as well â€" The Devils is in the details.    

I could go on and on about the mass graves brimming with plague-ridden victims, Grandier fighting off noblemen with a fake alligator, that very disturbing exorcism scene, ALL those naked nuns, and that much-missed Middle Ages pastime, flagellation. But why dwell on the past? From the safety of a theater seat I will gladly visit Hartley’s country, but I sure wouldn’t live there.  

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November 15, 2009 at 12:54pm

PHOTOS: Artifakt show at Jazzbones


Artifakt2 The Artifakt folks threw a dark but lively art and music extravaganza Friday, Nov. 13 at Jazzbones.

Local artists James Hume, Jeremy Gregory, Brook Pawlicki, James Bender, GRYM, Ann Koi, AcidTest, Laura Eklund, Matthew Scott and Ryan Loiselle displayed their dark art as part of the Friday the 13th Bogeyman Art Show.

Artifakt1 Hip-hop group Nasty Left reunited to pay tribute to fallen member Danny "D Child" Cline, who died of cancer over the summer. The band put on a great show. I had to leave before headliner Mad Rad took the stage. How was their performance?

Artifakt9 Click here to see more photos.

November 16, 2009 at 12:12am

5 Things To Do: Monday


11-16-5-things 1. The Dockyard Derby Dames all-female roller derby league offer s $10 drop in Skills Clinic 
from 7:30-9:30 p.m. inside the Tacoma Armory.

2. Recognized basket maker Jill Nordfors Clark has her work on display at The Sandpiper Gallery from noon to 5 p.m.

3. Violinist Jubal Fulks and harpsichordist Lorna Peters perform at 8 p.m. in Lagerquist Concert Hall.

4. Add a little metal to your Monday with Bleach Black and Black Halo beginning at 9 p.m. at Charlie’s Sports Bar & Grill in Olympia.

5. Rebel Monday/Industry Night featuring DJ Jason Diamond spinning roots reggae begins at 9 p.m. inside The New Frontier Lounge.

LINK: Live music and DJs in the South Sound

LINK: Local movie starting times

LINK: South Sound Restaurant Guide

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