Green Crush

By weeklyvolcano on September 23, 2009



Root of a problem

A number of trees below the main picnic area in Point Defiance Park are suffering from root system damage resulting from landslides and continuing soil erosion caused by severe winter storms last January. The unstable trees have been evaluated and marked by the park district’s urban forester and will be taken down by a contracted tree care company today.
Tree work will begin at the corner where the Washington State Ferry roadway intersects with Anthony’s parking lot, where a small number of the trees are scheduled for removal.

The majority of the trees, approximately 120, average between 3-8 inches thick and are located above the promenade, north of the Point Defiance Marina. Some of the wood will be left on site to help block pedestrians from accessing unsafe areas, the majority will be taken away by the contractor. This work is anticipated to begin Thursday, Sept. 24 or Friday Sept. 25. Staff currently anticipates that the promenade may be able to re-open outside of contractor work hours, which are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Following the tree removal, work will be done to help stabilize the slope above the ferry landing area and the Five Mile Drive washout near the Rhododendron Garden. The slope stabilization work is anticipated to begin Monday Sept. 28, along with restoration of the Five Mile Drive washout.
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