Jerin Falkner review

By weeklyvolcano on August 4, 2009


Jerin I’ve always believed that people should judge for themselves what music they like. Music is such a powerful thing that I feel like it can never truly be described in words. Once in awhile I’m compelled to try anyway. Pyro-Aesthetic, a new CD by Jerin Falkner, is a fascinating work of art well worth the effort. 

With several records to her credit and what must be hundreds of live performances, Falkner has navigated her music career with a professionalism and work ethic that few others care to, and it shows on this record.

Pyro-Aesthetic is different from Falkner’s previous records, which were more acoustic guitar based. If you enjoyed her other albums, I’m sure you will be a fan of the new record as well despite the change in genre and soundscape because her earthy and sometimes ethereal vocals are still the focal point of the material. The melodies are still prominent. Her personal thoughts, feelings and emotions are still naked on the table â€" only now they are delicately wrapped in silk and synth. 

For the most part, Pyro-Aesthetic is piano-based songwriting with electronic and keyboard infused embellishments. It’s what industry types call electro-pop. In layman’s terms that means it’s pop melodies marinated in a computer lab with a side order of experimental playfulness. The humor and introspection in this album are perhaps what make it more indicative of the artist’s personality than any of her previous work. This is also the first Falkner album that might induce spontaneous fits of dancing. Her songwriting train has definitely jumped the track with this record and headed toward outer space â€" or at least the fiery golden horizon. The result is a really fun ride. Roll down the window and sing along! That’s what I did.

Incidentally, if you’ve recently ended a relationship, this might be the most lighthearted breakup album I’ve ever heard, and it could serve as excellent musical therapy. 

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Jerin’s upcoming performances

Sunday, Aug. 9, 7 p.m., Northern Pacific Coffee Company, 401 Garfield St. S., Parkland/Tacoma, 253.537.8338

Saturday, Aug 15, 3 p.m., Satellite Coffee Co., 817 Division, Tacoma, 253.428.8288