Trouble visits Terry's Berries

By weeklyvolcano on July 9, 2009


Arts-trouble-article-7-9 For those of you who have been living under the rocks located outside of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s front landscaping, there is such a thing as locally grown organic produce. And for those of you who have not clued in to the uber-hip culture that surrounds everything locally grown and organic â€" this Trouble’s for you.

I’ve been visiting Terry’s Berries on River Road for a few years. I thought it was about time I picked on their staff and uncovered their organic-loving roots.  As per the usual, owners Terry and Dick Carkner were too busy rustling through their fields to talk to me.  Well, at least that’s the excuse they gave. You can’t fool me; I know avoidance when I see it.

So I cornered Terry’s Berries manager Lisa Tupper for a chat. Read the interview here.