Summer Tip No. 34

By weeklyvolcano on July 1, 2009


Dickman Over the years, the Weekly Volcano heard tales of an inexplicable summertime condition.  When the sun is shining, we’re told, some people lose their appetites. They all have some ridiculous excuse.  Some refuse to sweat and eat at the same time. Sissies. Others say they’re too busy. Whatever. Still others pull out the old “It’s swimsuit season” excuse. Foolish vanity. The best we can figure, they all have heatstroke and aren’t quite right in the head.

After experimenting with everything from winter squash to summer peas, French onion soup to Eskimo pie, we have reached an indisputable scientific conclusion  â€" when the sun is shining, things just taste better.

This is especially true when the eating is done outdoors.  The first step is to brown bag it. Then, high tail it to the nine-acre Dickman Mill Park along Tacoma’s Ruston Way.  The park is the largest public space along that stretch of Commencement Bay offering a sandy beach, expanse of lawn, heavily landscaped inter-tidal channel, plaza and hand-launch boat ramp. 

Tonight is perfect for a brown bag dinner. Stop by Met Market or Dave's Meat and Produce on the way for some fixings.

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