Rock Paper Scissors

By weeklyvolcano on June 1, 2009


Lippe-Large_Leaf Friday I spewed a little on Fulcrum Gallery’s participation in the city-wide group show Metal-Urge.

The Grand Impromptu Gallery is down for a little metal, too.

The Tacoma gallery will host figurative sculpture by stone carver LeeAnn Seaburg Perry with Metal Urge guest artists Joni Joachims and Micki Lippe as part of its Rock Paper Scissors show opening Thursday, June 4. 

The gallery’s co-operative member artists also join the fun with their materials, methods, and all variety of “madness.”  Exhibiting this month are Shirley Benton, Nick Butler, Bill Colby, Heather Cornelius, Becky Frehse, Bea Geller, Faith Hagenhofer, Mirka Hokkanen, Dorothy McCuistion and Peter Serko.

Read more on the Grand Impromptu Gallery happens here.

Photo: Micki Lippe's Large Leaf