Watch out for Zuul!

By weeklyvolcano on October 30, 2008


Haunted mansion enthusiasts, listen up! It’s time to sell your old collectables on eBay and pack up your ghostbusting proton packs, Thornewood Castle Inn and Gardens is holding their Candlelight Mystery Tour tonight at 7 p.m. This tour is not for the weak-minded, this tour is for those interested in a REAL ghost hunt.

For $100 and a booked room overnight at the mansion, you too can strap on the infra-red glasses and seek into the unknown. Lady of the castle, Deanna Robinson, will guide you into Thornewood’s depths including places such as the garden, hidden corridors, and basement hallways that have paranormal history. Lady Robinson encourages paranormal groups to book a special tour, and reservations are needed to attend in order to this specific Candlelight Mystery Tour. So, if you want to experience huge ghosts beyond the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man tonight, you need to call Thornewood Castle Inn.

Whoyagonna callllll?

[Thornewood Castle, 7 p.m., $100, 8601 N. Thorne Lane S.W., Lakewood, 253.584.4393]