The Tacoma Files: Randy Czerno

By Daniel Blue on August 1, 2008


Tacomafilesrandyczerno Tacomafilesart_2 Randy Czerno likes to be known as CZ7 verified by the symbol on his paintings.

A true artist in every sense of the word, Randy started with sculpture but then ran out of room and has since moved to painting and drawing with pastel chalks. He can sit and draw for hours in a coffee shop, hardly looking up from his books and totally devoted to the human shapes that he was bringing forth from what at first seemed like mere scribbles in a rainbow of colors. When you begin to see the faces and bodies taking form in his work, there is a truly magical feeling of revelation, as if they were there on the page waiting to be realized even before he made the first mark. His paintings are just as epic. He can often be found painting outside the One Heart Café where half of the time he is sanding down the layers he has recently painted to reveal the images underneath in the same way a sculptor would chip away at a block to form an image inside. 

Randy is calm and quiet most of the time, and when he speaks the wisdom is carefully thought out.  He once told me, "The easiest type of art you can make is art that is disturbing.  It takes an artist of true skill to create something that evokes feelings of love or elation."

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