Young faces behind Brix 25

By weeklyvolcano on May 1, 2008

At Brix 25 in Gig Harbor, the average age of the cooks rings in at 20 1/2 years of age (see Young Knives in today’s Weekly Volcano).  The following are the faces and names behind one of the South Sound's best restaurants, not to mention the 2008 Washington Wine Commission's Wine Restaurant of the Year.

Brixdanfirstphoto Dan Hutchinson, 23, head chef
Ambitions: Own his own restaurant
Quote: “The pros of being young is your not set in your ways or jaded yet â€" you’re willing to try anything.”

Brixryanford Ryan Ford, 22, sous chef
Ambitions: Studying engineering at Tacoma Community College
Quote: “The pace is a lot faster here â€" I like that.”

Brixryanhassilev Zach Hassilev, 19, pantry chef
Ambitions: Go to Alaska 
Quote: “There are a lot of conversations we have when cooking. It’s fun. We are all learning from each other.

Brixjonsavern Jon Sovern, 26, prep cook, utility chef

Ambitions: Who knows.
Quote: “This is the best crew I’ve worked with, ever.”

Brixdickiehendrickst Richard “Dickie” Hendricks, 19, second sauté cook
Ambitions: Keep cooking. 
Quote: “I’ve picked up a lot of skills here. I’ve paid attention.”

Brixdylankane Dylan Kane, 19, pastry chef
Ambitions: Going to TCC â€" not sure of future.
Quote: “Everyone is really talented here at what they do.”

Not pictured
Matthew Hancock, 17, dishwasher
Ambitions: Moving from dishwasher to cook.
Quote: “I take pride in doing the dishes.”

Photography by J.M. Simpson