Tall Ships tickets on sale May 19

By weeklyvolcano on May 13, 2008


Me sees the tickets for Tall Ships Tacoma will go on sale Monday, May 19. I can't waited to see the sticks of those masts sail into Tacoma again. The sight of them bobbing over the waves of Puget Sound makes me aging timbers shiver with excitement.

Me leg is hobbled. Me eye be gone, and me hand be nothing but a hook. But I can still toss down a few pints and still run a landlubber clean through with the blade of me cutlass whenever I feels like it. Arrrgh.

Some 30 wooden ladies are set to arrive July 3 and stay for a five-day layover during the Independence Day weekend for a little Arrr and Arrr, if you get me drift.

Stop, stop, STOP!

I don't care what Pappi Swarner says â€" I can't do this pirate crap.  Go here on Monday to buy your damn Tall Ships tickets.

LINK: Tall Ships Tacoma Web site.