More walkability issues

By weeklyvolcano on May 13, 2008


Izenmania wrote about it. The Trib's Real Estate blog ran some numbers on it. Even Matt Driscoll has it on his mind.


Bobble Tiki is all for a walking friendly city. Even though he has a constant spring in his step, Bobble Tiki is just as concerned regarding Tacoma's walkability factor as the rest of the city.

First problem to solve â€" sidewalk hogs.

Bobble Tiki has a bone to pick with all of you sidewalk hogs out there.  He doesn’t think he needs to name names.  You know who you are.

Bobble Tiki had a particularly frustrating encounter with a group of sidewalk hogs Saturday night.

He was heading down to one of his favorite watering holes on Sixth Avenue â€" Crown Bar. Bobble Tiki wasn’t exactly looking his best â€" Why bother dressing up or showering, even, when it's raining!   That’s just crazy talk.  He had on a pair of his finest dirty jeans, and his hair was done up in its usual Nerf-ball fashion when he got stuck behind a group of ultra decked out UPS hotties.

It took Bobble Tiki 10 minutes to get from his car by Masa to the Crown Bar.  Why, you ask?  Because these girls were “cruising” for a place to eat, hang out, and hookup. It was almost as if they were blocking Bobble Tiki’s way on purpose due to his shabby looks. Every time Bobble Tiki shifted to one side they all managed to migrate to the same side. He would fake right and dodge left, but they were always there to block his way.

Just as Bobble Tiki was about to explode with indignation he saw the light (of his Crown Bar). In a moment of sheer luck, the glitter girls moved to the right (there was probably a shiny coin on the ground that distracted them) and Bobble Tiki was able to run into the safety and warmth of bartender Dino's Manhattan.

As you just read Tacoma has huge walkability issues.  Bobble Tiki suggests moving sidewalks to contain sidewalk hogs so the rest of us can move along quickly. Or more Chopstix clubs to keep the hotties off the streets. Of course, Bobble Tiki was the sidewalk problem after the Crown Bar closed.