Crash Normal is from France

By weeklyvolcano on May 1, 2008


The French. Some people love them, and, well, some people don’t.

I say screw the people who don’t.

While I’ve never been to France, and never felt the shunning shoulder of a Frenchman who thinks Americans are stupid (which I don’t necessarily disagree with), there are a number of things I feel like the French and I have in common.

For starters, coffee, cigarettes, and wine. I love all of them, and so do the French.

Another thing I have in common with at least some of the French is a love of garage rock. Who knew? I didn’t until I did some research on ">Crash Normal â€" a two piece punk outfit from Paris set to play ">Bob’s Java Jive tonight.

Judging by Crash Normal’s Myspace page, which is all I have to go on at the moment, these guys should be perfect for Tacoma and the Jive. Fuzzy, distorted warmth with broken glass edges and punk rock ethos â€" Crash Normal could easily share a bill with Tacoma’s ">Gold Teeth and ">the Fucking Eagles. Tonight they’ll be playing with ">the Synthetics and ">the Freakouts â€" which should make for one hell of a time.

If you’ve got nothing to do tonight, consider Crash Normal at Bob’s Java Jive. They may be French, but they also kick garage rock ass. What more do you want?

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